THE PROGRAMME Sample Clauses

THE PROGRAMME. The Commission will contribute, by way of grant, to the financing of the following programme, which is set out in Annex A to this Agreement: Programme number: 2007/19129 (CRIS) Title: National Programme (Part 1) for the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia under the IPA-Transition Assistance and Institution Building Component for 2007
THE PROGRAMME. 1.1. The Blavatnik School will endeavour to deliver the Programme as described on the School’s website; however, the School reserves the right to make alterations to the Programme, including the timetable, location, content and method of delivery in response to operational demands.
THE PROGRAMME. 3.1 PTC undertakes to use its reasonable endeavours to achieve each Milestone on or before each relevant Milestone Date.
THE PROGRAMME. 2.1 As soon as reasonably practicable following signing this Agreement, Lilly shall provide Peptide with sufficient quantity of each of the Target Proteases required for the Programme and any information necessary or useful for the assay of each of the Target Proteases.
THE PROGRAMME. 3.1 The precise content of the Programme shall appear on Our Site and shall include:
THE PROGRAMME. For the purposes of condition 6.3 (Programme) and paragraph S2-10 (Programme) of Schedule 2 of the Conditions of Contract, the initial Programme comprises the programme prepared by the Contractor dated4 ............................................................................................... a copy of which is attached as Annex 5.
THE PROGRAMME. The programme shows all the information required by Clause 31.2 of the ECC3. In addition, the programme shows: • the services and work (programmes) of the subcontractors, • interfaces between subcontractors as well as the interfaces between subcontractors and the Contractor, • all activities defined in the schedule, • the programme’s revision number. The Contractor constructs networks to reflect the possible (instead of probable) sequences of activities, using resource scheduling to stagger the performance of activities into the most probable sequence. An activity not linked to any preceding or successor activities (hanging activities) is not acceptable. Manually applied constraints such as “must start” or “must finishfixed dates, “zero float” and other programming techniques, that can have the effect of inhibiting the programme from reacting dynamically to change, is not acceptable. The Minister of Public Enterprises and Presidential Infrastructure Coordinating Committee (PICC) requested that all government entities and SOCs use Primavera computerised planning software. For the sake of compatibility, the Contractor therefore prepares his programme on Primavera version 16.2 (.xer file format) or latest computerised planning software and utilises it for all planning, progress monitoring and reporting.
THE PROGRAMME. 3.1 The Programme comprises the Works described in Clause 23 and all of the attendant activities necessary for the Sponsor Body and the Delivery Authority to carry out their statutory functions.
THE PROGRAMME. 6.1. The Grant shall be performed by the Grant Recipient in accordance with the Grant Programme.
THE PROGRAMME. The Programme agreed upon in this Agreement includes courses from various Partners. The Partners shall provide the students the possibility to fulfil the requirements as prescribed in the Study Programme (Annex 1). Changes to the Study Programme can only be made in writing by unanimous decision of the Partners, on advice of the Steering Committee (see art. 2.1.). The Study Programme prescribes that 30 ECTS must be obtained during a mandatory semester abroad and at least 30 ECTS must be obtained in courses offered on the Virtual Platform DCC ( The Virtual Platform DCC is a virtual Learning and Information Environment, where the Partners offer courses as part of the Study Programme. Further, the Virtual Platform presents information about the Programme and its implementation. The Partners agree that the University of Vienna shall supply the server for the Virtual Platform. The Virtual Platform DCC will be online and active during the term of this Agreement. Thereafter, the University of Vienna shall decide on the further existence of the Platform. In case of termination of the Virtual Platform DCC the University of Vienna will, upon written request, return to the Partners their respective contributions to the Virtual Platform DCC such as, but not limited to, course materials, manuals, etc.