Code of Conduct Sample Clauses

Code of Conduct. The ISO shall prepare and apply a Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct, among other provisions, shall provide that any ISO employees and Directors are foreclosed from providing any information of commercial value supplied by a Party or Market Participant, to any other Party or any Market Participant or potential participant in commercial transactions involving the NYS Power System, except to the extent that such information flow is part of the ISO’s routine responsibilities. Such information may, however, be provided to another employee or Director of the ISO if the information is needed for the normal execution of the other employee’s or Director’s duties. Confidential Information includes, without limitation, all information received from a Party or any Market Participant or potential participant with respect to price or other terms upon which such person or entity is willing to sell Capacity and/or Energy or other services. If such information is required to be divulged in compliance with an order of a court or regulatory authority having jurisdiction, or a subpoena, the ISO will seek to obtain an appropriate protective order from the court or regulatory authority. The ISO shall notify the Parties providing the Confidential Information when such an order or a subpoena is received from a court or regulatory authority and shall not be held liable by a Party for any losses, consequential or otherwise, resulting from the ISO divulging such Confidential Information pursuant to a subpoena or an order of a court or regulatory authority. The Code of Conduct will preclude any individual serving as a Director from also serving as a representative of a member of the Executive Committee of the NYSRC.
Code of Conduct. Executive acknowledges that Executive has read the Company’s Code of Business Conduct and agrees to abide by such Code of Business Conduct, as amended or supplemented from time to time, and other policies applicable to employees and executives of the Company.
Code of Conduct. CHSI has developed, implemented and distributed a written Code of Conduct to all Covered Persons and shall maintain this Code of Conduct for the duration of the CIA. CHSI shall make the promotion of, and adherence to, the Code of Conduct an element in evaluating the performance of all employees. To the extent not already accomplished, within 120 days after the Effective Date, the Code of Conduct shall, at a minimum, set forth:
Code of Conduct. Subdistributor shall comply with the Distributor’s Code of Conduct, a copy of which shall be provided to Subdistributor by Distributor from time to time. Subdistributor shall ensure that its Personnel receive a copy of such Code of Conduct and shall provide Distributor signed acknowledgments by such Personnel reflecting the agreement on behalf of the Subdistributor and its Personnel to comply with the standards contained in such Distributor’s Code of Conduct. Subdistributor acknowledges that strict compliance with Distributor’s Code of Conduct is a condition to Subdistributor’s continued appointment as a subdistributor. Failure or refusal by Subdistributor and/or its Personnel to strictly comply with such Code of Conduct shall be deemed a material breach of this Agreement;
Code of Conduct. The grant of the license to the Licensee is contingent upon Licensee agreeing to and adhering to the Code of Conduct, attached at Exhibit C.
Code of Conduct. HPE agrees and expects all partners to agree to conduct business in strict legal compliance and with the highest ethical standards. By entering into the Agreement, Partner agrees to comply with HPE’s Partner Code of Conduct, as updated from time to time, and located on the HPE Partner Portal. Additionally, Partner acknowledges that there are specific legal and ethical requirements for doing business with public sector entities and Partner is solely responsible for its compliance with these requirements. Specifically, Partner agrees (without limitation): (1) not to seek or accept any compensation in connection with the Agreement which may violate any applicable laws, regulations, contracts, or conflict of interest policies; (2) not to use bribes, kickbacks, illegal gratuities, or other corrupt practices in connection with the Agreement; and (3) not to provide HPE with any proprietary, source selection sensitive, or other information that is restricted from disclosure by a third party. A breach of HPE's Partner Code of Conduct may be deemed a material breach of the Agreement. Without limiting HPE's rights under section 8, if Partner breaches HPE's Partner Code of Conduct, HPE may exclude Partner from HPE's Programs, including special pricing and/or promotion programs and, if Partner is eligible to purchase Products directly from HPE, HPE may alter the level of discount available for such purchases.
Code of Conduct. 23.1. We expect integrity and ethical, law-abiding behaviour from all our business partners in line with the Global Compact Initiative and the minimum standards set out below and request that you insist that your own subcontractors and suppliers comply with these principles and standards:
Code of Conduct. 8.1. Contractor and its staff shall at all-time act impartially as well as with appropriate discretion, and shall refrain from making any public statements concerning the project or the services without the prior approval of EFI.
Code of Conduct. During the Consulting Period, you shall comply with the Company’s Code of Business Conduct and its Delegations of Authority, each as in effect from time to time (as if you were a non-management employee with respect to the Delegations of Authority policy).