Results of the Sample Clauses

Results of the. Evaluation Program The CONTRACTOR shall submit the XXX a comprehensive report with the results of the Evaluation program within three (3) months following the date of its termination. Such report shall include, as a minimum: Geological description of the Discovery and its structural configuration; the physical properties of rocks and fluids present, and the oilfields associated with the Discovery; pressure, volume and temperature analyses of the fluids in the oilfields; production capacity (per well and for all the Discovery); and an estimate of the recoverable Hydrocarbon reserves.
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Results of the second stage: the fishing effort game There are three possible coalition structures that may arise as a result of the first stage membership game: full cooperation, partial cooperation and no cooperation. We next present the equilibrium fishing effort strategies and payoffs under each possible coalition structure.
Results of the. Research Project shall be provided to the Provider. Proposed public disclosures shall be provided to the Provider and the NCI Collaborators as described in Article 4.
Results of the questionnaires For educational field Educational centres are trying to make the relationship between training and companies closer. But for the moment, these first two questions show that the cooperation of institutes is still quite low. These questions, covering hydrogen courses offered by institutes reveal that there is already a good base in hydrogen courses. For industries Specific need of training actions Does the company need to train technicians for H-FC related activities? These questions revealed the needs of industrial: training their staff (technician) on short professional training. Training aspect of interest: Interests are technical and security. Technical Level of the training person: These questionnaires reveal a large part (64%) of technicians working in the field.
Results of the. 1ST ROUND OF THE DELPHI
Results of the. Research Project shall be provided to the Provider. Publications shall be provided to Provider and Collaborator as described in Article 4.

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  • Termination and Results of Termination 24.1. Without prejudice to the Company’s rights under this Agreement to terminate it immediately without prior notice to the Client, each Party may terminate this Agreement by giving at least three (3) Business Days Written Notice to the other Party.

  • Financial Condition There shall have been no material adverse change, as determined by Bank, in the financial condition or business of Borrower, nor any material decline, as determined by Bank, in the market value of any collateral required hereunder or a substantial or material portion of the assets of Borrower.

  • BID TABULATION AND RESULTS Bid tabulations shall be available thirty (30) days after opening on the Orange County website at: xxxx:// or upon notice of intended action, whichever is sooner.

  • Expected Results VA’s agreement with DoD to provide educational assistance is a statutory requirement of Chapter 1606, Title 10, U.S.C., Chapter 1607, Title 10, U.S.C., Chapter 30, Title 38, U.S.C. and Chapter 33, Title 38, U.S.C (Post-9/11 GI Xxxx). These laws require VA to make payments to eligible veterans, service members, guard, reservist, and family members under the transfer of entitlement provisions. The responsibility of determining basic eligibility for Chapter 1606 is placed on the DoD. The responsibility of determining basic eligibility for Chapter 30 and Chapter 33 is placed on VA, while the responsibility of providing initial eligibility data for Chapter 30 and Chapter 33 is placed on DoD. Thus, the two agencies must exchange data to ensure that VA makes payments only to those who are eligible for a program. Without an exchange of enrollment and eligibility data, VA would not be able to establish or verify applicant and recipient eligibility for the programs. Subject to the due process requirements, set forth in Article VII.B.1., 38 U.S.C. §3684A, VA may suspend, terminate, or make a final denial of any financial assistance on the basis of data produced by a computer matching program with DoD. To minimize administrative costs of implementation of the law and to maximize the service to the veteran or service member, a system of data exchanges and subsequent computer matching programs was developed. The purposes of the computer matching programs are to minimize the costs of administering the Xxxxxxxxxx GI Xxxx — Active Duty, the Xxxxxxxxxx GI Xxxx — Selected Reserve, Reserve Educational Assistance Program, and the Post-9/11 GI Xxxx program; facilitate accurate payment to eligible veterans or service members training under the Chapter of the Xxxxxxxxxx GI Xxxx — Active Duty, the Xxxxxxxxxx GI Xxxx — Selected Reserve, Reserve Educational Assistance Program, and the Post-9/11 GI Xxxx program; and to avoid payment to those who lose eligibility. The current automated systems, both at VA and DoD, have been developed over the last twenty-two years. The systems were specifically designed to utilize computer matching in transferring enrollment and eligibility data to facilitate accurate payments and avoid incorrect payments. The source agency, DMDC, stores eligibility data on its computer based system of record. The cost of providing this data to VA electronically are minimal when compared to the cost DMDC would incur if the data were forwarded to VA in a hard-copy manner. By comparing records electronically, VA avoids the personnel costs of inputting data manually as well as the storage costs of the DMDC documents. This results in a VA estimated annual savings of $26,724,091 to VA in mailing and data entry costs. DoD reported an estimated annual savings of $12,350,000. A cost-benefit analysis is at Attachment 1. In the 32 years since the inception of the Chapter 30 program, the cost savings of using computer matching to administer the benefit payments for these educational assistance programs have remained significant. The implementation of Chapter 33 has impacted the Chapter 30 program over the past 8 years (fiscal year 2010 through fiscal year 2017). Statistics show a decrease of 23 percent in the number of persons who ultimately use Chapter 30 from fiscal year 2015 to 2016. The number of persons who use Chapter 33 has consistently been above 700,000 in the past four years. VA foresees continued cost savings due to the number of persons eligible for the education programs.‌

  • Justification and Anticipated Results The Privacy Act requires that each matching agreement specify the justification for the program and the anticipated results, including a specific estimate of any savings. 5 U.S.C. § 552a(o)(1)(B).

  • DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS The goal of this task is to collect operational data from the project, to analyze that data for economic and environmental impacts, and to include the data and analysis in the Final Report. Formulas will be provided for calculations. A Final Report data collection template will be provided by the Energy Commission. The Recipient shall: • Develop data collection test plan. • Troubleshoot any issues identified. • Collect data, information, and analysis and develop a Final Report which includes: o Total gross project costs. o Length of time from award of bus(es) to project completion. o Fuel usage before and after the project.

  • Financial Conditions Section 4.01. (a) The Recipient shall maintain or cause to be maintained a financial management system, including records and accounts, and prepare financial statements in a format acceptable to the Bank, adequate to reflect the operations, resources and expenditures in respect of the Project and each Sub-project (including its cost and the benefits to be derived from it).

  • Results The five values obtained shall be arranged in order and the median value taken as a result of the measurement. This value shall be expressed in Newtons per centimetre of width of the tape. Annex 7 Minimum requirements for sampling by an inspector

  • SUSPENSION OF OPERATIONS Concessionaire shall, at the direction of Department, immediately suspend, delay or interrupt Concessionaire’s operation of all or any part of the Concession Premises for such period of time as Department may determine to be appropriate to protect the Concession Premises and/or public health, safety, and welfare due to the occurrence of hazardous work conditions, emergency conditions, and/or any other cause including, but not limited to, Concessionaire's failure to perform any of the covenants, agreements, and conditions contained in this Agreement on its part to be performed. Concessionaire hereby waives any claim, and Department shall not be liable to any party claiming through Concessionaire, for damages, payment abatement, or compensation as a result of Department's actions under this Paragraph or this Agreement. Department's suspension of Concessionaire's operations shall be in addition to any other right or remedy available by law or in equity.

  • Narrative Results i. A description of Xxxxxxx’x billing and coding system(s), including the identification, by position description, of the personnel involved in coding and billing.

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