Member State Sample Clauses

Member State. A state which is party to the Agreement on a European Economic Area or the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) Treaty or the Faroe Islands.
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Member State. Upon receiving this notice or upon this discovery, each Party shall stop making any further shipments, administration and/or use of any product in the relevant country in its possession or control until a decision has been made whether a recall or some other corrective action is necessary. The contractor is responsible for making any required notifications to EMA and/or any relevant national competent authority with respect to a potential recall or abnormal restriction on supply. The decision to initiate a recall or to take some other corrective action, if any, with respect to the product will be made by the contractor and/or the competent authority in accordance with applicable laws. The shall implement such recall with respect to any Product delivered to in close coordination with the
Member State. The following are authorized individuals who can act to bind the Member State under the Ascensus ABLE Consortium Trust: Name Title Signature Effective as of , , . Additions: Name Title Signature Effective Date Deletions: Name Title Signature Effective Date Schedule I Member States, Member Plan Names and Series Names State Plan Name Series Name Alaska Alaska ABLE Plan Alaska ABLE Series Illinois Illinois ABLE Illinois ABLE Series Iowa IAble Iowa ABLE Series Kansas Kansas ABLE Savings Plan Kansas ABLE Series Nevada ABLE Nevada Nevada ABLE Series North Carolina NC ABLE North Carolina ABLE Series Pennsylvania The Pennsylvania ABLE Savings Program Pennsylvania ABLE Series Rhode Island RI's ABLE Rhode Island ABLE Series Schedule II
Member State. The term “Member State” shall mean any state which has entered into the ABLE Interstate Agreement and which executes or intends to execute an Implementing Agreement with the Recordkeeper, which includes those Member States listed on Schedule I, as may be amended.
Member State. A state that has entered into the Agreement.
Member State. 1.2 Project Title and Number
Member State. The Motor Transport Institute will notify you of the end of the limited processing period.
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Member State. (Member Body) should notify the SMIIC General Secretariat by e- mail ( ) of any changes in the name or contact information of the responsible person as soon as possible.
Member State. (Member Body) shall ensure that the use of the electronic files of OIC/SMIIC Publications is strictly limited according to the terms and conditions of this Agreement only. The electronic files of OIC/SMIIC Publications may not be used for any other purpose, unless a further agreement has been reached with the SMIIC General Secretariat.
Member State. (Member Body) shall be able to reproduce paper format of OIC/SMIIC Publications using the OIC/SMIIC electronic files, and will ensure that the print and finish quality of the reproduced OIC/SMIIC Publications is comparable with the print and finish quality of the OIC/SMIIC Publications produced in paper format by SMIIC General Secretariat.
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