Temporary Employee Sample Clauses

Temporary Employee. Employees may be hired for a specific term not to exceed six (6) months, to replace an employee who will be on approved leave of absence, absence due to WSIB disability, sick leave, long term disability or to perform a special non-recurring task. This term may be extended a further six (6) months on mutual agreement of the Union, employee and Hospital or by the Hospital on its own up to twelve (12) months where the leave of the person being replaced extends that far. The period of employment of such persons will not exceed the absentee's leave. The release or discharge of such persons shall not be the subject of a grievance or arbitration. This clause would not preclude such employees from using the job posting provision under the collective agreement and any successful applicant who has completed his probation period will be credited with the appropriate seniority. The Hospital will outline to employees selected to fill such temporary vacancies and the Union, the circumstances giving rise to the vacancy, and the special conditions relating to such employment.
Temporary Employee. Temporary employee" means an employee who is appointed with a definite ending date. A temporary employee's term of employment may not exceed a total of 12 months in any 24-month period in any one agency.
Temporary Employee. A person who has been appointed from a list of eligibles, or provisionally in the absence of a list, to a position which is other than a permanent position.
Temporary Employee. The term "temporary employee" as used in this Agreement refers to a bargaining unit employee who is serving in a temporary appointment for a specified period of time.
Temporary Employee. Temporary employee shall mean an employee employed to meet seasonal or temporary operating needs. The only provisions of this Agreement applying to the employment of temporary employees are contained in Schedule B.
Temporary Employee. A temporary employee shall be defined as an employee who is employed by the Court for a period of limited duration. Temporary employees shall not be permitted to work beyond ninety (90) calendar days in any six (6) month period unless that temporary employee is replacing a regular employee who is using accrued sick time or who is on an approved leave. A temporary employee is not subject to the terms of this Agreement.
Temporary Employee. A temporary employee is one whose employment is not intended to be permanent and is limited by an appointment for a specified time period or on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with no expectation of employment beyond the period specified. No temporary employee may be changed to the status of a permanent employee but any temporary employee may apply for any permanent position for which a recruitment is being conducted. Temporary employment may be discontinued without cause, but at least five
Temporary Employee. 29 An employee whose appointment is uncertain due to an emergency workload, absence 30 of an employee or because of a short-term need for a skill or ability. A temporary appointment 31 may be made for a period of up to six (6) months or one-thousand and forty (1040) hours within 32 the preceding twelve (12) months. A temporary employee who has already worked one-thousand 33 and forty (1040) hours may be appointed within the same twelve (12) month period to another 34 position typically by a different Department, following a break in County service lasting fifteen (15)
Temporary Employee. Any employee employed in a full-time budgeted position in a classification contained in Schedule A without permanent status with the City. Recognition under this section shall not detract from any rights or benefits already pertaining to the employee, by virtue of their permanent status in some other classification with the City. Contract rights for temporary employees are as provided in Schedule “B”.