Permanent Position Sample Clauses

Permanent Position. The words "permanent position" when used in this Agreement shall mean a position designated by the City as permanent for the purpose of this Agreement.
Permanent Position. A budgeted position in the competitive service with a normally - scheduled workweek of 40 hours or more.
Permanent Position. Any position which has required, or which will require the services of an incumbent without interruption, for an indefinite period.
Permanent Position. A budgeted position in the competitive service with a normally scheduled work week of forty (40) hours or more.
Permanent Position. B. The Board shall give written notice of recall from layoff by sending a certified letter to said Member’s last known address. It is the responsibility of each Member to notify the Board of any change in address. If a Member fails to respond to the notice within seven (7) calendar days from the date of receiving the notice, it shall be considered a voluntary resignation. If a Member is unable to accept a position upon notification by the Board, the Member may request a leave of absence.
Permanent Position. An employee, who has been successfully confirmed to a permanent job posting, for which they applied, may only be successfully confirmed for one more permanent job posting within a 12-month period. The period will start on the start date of the first confirmed job. An employee selected on this basis will be given an opportunity of fulfilling the duties of the new job during a trial period, which may not exceed 40 working days. If an employee fails to meet the requirements for the job, they will be returned to a job at no less than their former pay level. At any time during the trial period, the employee and the Manager/Supervisor may mutually agree that the candidate is not suited long term for the job and the employee may agree to give up the position. When the latter occurs the employee will remain in the job until it can be refilled. Any vacancies created by the selection of an employee to a posted position shall be posted in accordance with the provisions of this Article. Where no employee meets the qualifying factors under this Article, the Company will be free to fill the job at its own discretion.
Permanent Position. For the purposes of this agreement, the term permanent position shall mean a position which is expected to carry over into a succeeding year regardless of the number of hours worked per week. The employee filling such a position, whether full-time (30 hours or more a week) or part-time, (less than (30) hours a week), pays FICA and is eligible to participate in the insurance programs.
Permanent Position. A position funded on Board authority for an indefinite period. Only the Board of Governors can abolish a permanent position. In the event that a permanent position becomes vacant and the Board contemplates changing the status of the position to a non-permanent position, the Board shall consult with the Association prior to making a decision.
Permanent Position. A permanent position is one created by the District that continues into each subsequent school year.
Permanent Position. The Employer shall give the Unit Co-chairs an ad- vanced copy of any bargaining unit job posting twenty-four (24) hours before posting and shall post a notice of vacancy on the bulletin board, with its rate of pay, for a period of seven (7) working days, to give present Employees an opportunity to apply for this position. An employee on an ap- proved sick leave or vacation for the entire post- ing period will be allowed a further five (5) work- ing days to apply. Furthermore, qualified internal applicants will be interviewed for the vacancy and given first opportunity to fill the vacancies before any external applicants are considered. Position Posting Where a vacancy exists within the bargaining unit exceeding six (6) months or longer in duration the Employer shall post the temporary vacancy to al- low internal applicants to apply in writing and be given the first opportunity to post into the job. The successful qualified applicant will be awarded the job as per Article In the event an internal applicant is successful, a second posting will be required with the same terms as the first position. Any newly created job position or job classification shall be negotiated with the Union and become part of this agreement once the pay rate has been determined by the parties. In all appointments and promotions, the Employer shall select the best candidate to fill the vacancy based upon qualifications as the governing factor. Where qualifications are equal, seniority in the bargaining unit will govern. For the purposes of this Article, qualifications refer to necessary training, experience, and competencies re- quired for the position as outlined in the position de- scription. See also Letter of Understanding Within seven (7) calendar days of the date of the Collective Agreement to a vacant position, the name of the suc- cessful applicant shall be sent to the Union co-chairs, and a copy posted on bulletin boards.