Feminine/Masculine Pronouns Sample Clauses

Feminine/Masculine Pronouns. Wherever the feminine pronoun is used in this Agreement, it includes the masculine pronoun and vice versa where the context so requires.
Feminine/Masculine Pronouns. Gender neutral pronouns will be included in this Agreement. Now therefore, the Parties agree as follows:
Feminine/Masculine Pronouns. The masculine form is used merely to simplify the text and no discrimination is intended.
Feminine/Masculine Pronouns. Wherever the male gender is used, it means male or female employees and the singular means singular or plural.

Related to Feminine/Masculine Pronouns

  • Gender Words used herein regardless of the number and gender specifically used, shall be deemed and construed to include any other number, singular or plural, and any other gender, masculine, feminine or neuter, as the context requires.