PURPOSE OF THIS CONTRACT. 1.1. Upon the terms and conditions set out in this Contract, the Builder, as an independent contractor, undertakes to engineer, construct, build, launch, equip, complete, and test at various of its shipyards at located on the U.S. Gulf Coast, exact locations to be determined later (hereinafter called the "Shipyard") and deliver to Purchaser or the Purchaser's nominee, as defined in Clause 23 below, for the Contract Price referred to in Clause 2 below, one (1) fully operational and complete self-propelled Dynamic Positioned Semi-Submersible Drilling Vessel (hereinafter called the "Vessel") more fully described in Clause 2 below. Subject to the performance of the Builder's obligations hereunder, the Purchaser expressly agrees to take delivery of the Vessel when duly completed and to pay Builder all amounts due Builder.
PURPOSE OF THIS CONTRACT. Seller is hiring Broker, on a sole and exclusive basis, to submit the property (with its full address information) in the appropriate Multi List ServiceMLS’ and www.realtor.com. Broker will be making an offer of compensation, as authorized by the Seller in paragraph 5, to other brokers to find a buyer. Broker is acting as a Transaction Facilitator ONLY to complete these previously mentioned duties. Other websites mentioned on Broker's website as included are unaffiliated companies that may change their policies at any time, in which case if the Property does not appear on other websites Seller agrees no refund would be due Seller.
PURPOSE OF THIS CONTRACT. 1.1. Upon the terms and conditions set out in this Contract, the Builder undertakes to design, construct, build, launch, equip and test at its shipyard at 29 Tanjong Kling Road, Singapore (the “Shipyard”) and to sell and deliver to Purchaser one (1) Friede & Goldman ExD Millenium Mobile Offshore Semi-Submersible Drilling Unit as further described herein (the “Vessel ”). The Purchaser agrees to purchase and take delivery of the Vessel when tendered for delivery in accordance with the requirements of this Contract.
PURPOSE OF THIS CONTRACT. 2.1 The IADSA provides, subject to the terms and conditions set out in this Contract, financial resources up to a ceiling of Albanian LEK………………………………………………… (in figures and letters) in grant (hereinafter referred to asthe Grant”). The above-mentioned amount shall only be used to finance activities related to the execution of the Project, in accordance with the provisions of this Contract and its Annexes.
PURPOSE OF THIS CONTRACT. 2.1 The purpose of this Contract is to determine the contractual relationship between the Competent Authority and the Subsoil User, in accordance with State law in effect as of the Effective Date, concerning the conduct of Operations.
PURPOSE OF THIS CONTRACT. Vendor shall provide Cellular Voice and /or Data Access services only as specified in the Request For Offers Document No. Tele-06-27-03, attached as Exhibit A, and TEXAN 2000- CING – W, as amended, to Customers in accordance with the terms of the Contract. Vendor shall provide Cellular Voice and /or Data Access services and related services only upon the issuance by Customer and acceptance by Vendor of valid purchase orders issued by Customers, accompanied by a Customer Service Agreement. in the form attached hereto as Exhibit E. A Customer may purchase any quantity of Cellular Voice and /or Data Access Service available from Vendor at the prices negotiated by DIR (“DIR Discounted Price”). For large orders, Vendor and a Customer may negotiate additional quantity price discounts above the DIR pricing discounts. Unless it issues a specific Purchase Order under the Contract, DIR is not a Customer under this Contract. Each Customer is responsible for its performance under the Purchase Orders and Customer Service Agreements it issues to Vendor.


PURPOSE OF THIS AGREEMENT The purpose of this Agreement is to -
Amendment of this Contract No provision of this Contract may be changed, waived, discharged or terminated orally, but only by an instrument in writing signed by the party against which enforcement of the change, waiver, discharge or termination is sought, and no amendment of this Contract as to any given Series shall be effective until approved by vote of a majority of such Series' outstanding voting securities.
THE WORK OF THIS CONTRACT The Contractor shall fully execute the Work described in the Contract Documents, except to the extent specifically indicated in the Contract Documents to be the responsibility of others.
Termination of this Contract 3. Delay of payment and/or reduction of Contract funding and adjustments of payments.
Scope of this Agreement 2.1. This Agreement, including Parts A through L, Tables One and Two and exhibits, specifies the rights and obligations of each Party with respect to the establishment, purchase, and sale of Local Interconnection, Collocation, resale of Telecommunications Services and Unbundled Network Elements. Certain terms used in this Agreement shall have the meanings defined in PART A – DEFINITIONS, or as otherwise elsewhere defined throughout this Agreement. Other terms used but not defined in this Agreement will have the meanings ascribed to them in the Act and in the FCC’s and the Commission’s rules, regulations and orders. PART B sets forth the general terms and conditions governing this Agreement. The remaining Parts set forth, among other things, descriptions of the services, pricing, technical and business requirements, and physical and network security requirements.
TERM OF THIS CONTRACT The term of this Contract commences on the Contract Start Date and ends on the earliest of (i) the
Effective Date of this Agreement This Agreement shall become effective (the “Effective Date”) upon the date of your acceptance hereof, as set forth below.
Review of this Agreement (a) This agreement may be reviewed or modified. Any review or modification of this agreement will be conducted in the circumstances and in the manner determined by the parties.
EFFECTIVE PERIOD AND TERMINATION OF THIS CONTRACT This Contract shall become effective upon its execution, and shall remain in full force and effect continuously thereafter (unless terminated automatically as set forth in Section 4) until terminated as follows:
ASSIGNMENT TERMINATES THIS CONTRACT; AMENDMENTS OF THIS CONTRACT This Contract shall automatically terminate, without the payment of any penalty, in the event of its assignment; and this Contract shall not be amended unless such amendment is approved at a meeting by the affirmative vote of a majority of the outstanding shares of the Fund, and by the vote, cast in person at a meeting called for the purpose of voting on such approval, of a majority of the Trustees of the Trust who are not interested persons of the Trust or of the Manager.