Appointment Status Sample Clauses

Appointment Status. 21.17.1 A member's appointment status and rank salary on termination shall be as at the last day of employment.
Appointment Status. 22.16.1 A staff member's appointment status on termination shall be determined on the basis of the actual class of appointment effective on the last day of employment.
Appointment Status. The Employer shall provide all Employees, upon appointment or any change in appointment, with written notification stating the competition number, the type of appointment (ie. Permanent, Temporary, Casual) and the guaranteed hours of work (FTE), if applicable.
Appointment Status. Faculty may be appointed to a tenure-track, tenured or non-tenure track position. All faculty are appointed to a particular academic department or, where the department structure does not exist, to a particular School, College, the Libraries or Extension. Faculty may receive a secondary appointment to a Matrix Center. A faculty member new to the bargaining unit shall be provided with an initial letter of appointment which shall, at a minimum, document the length and type of appointment, FTE percentage, salary, and bargaining unit status. An initial letter of appointment will also be issued for secondary appointment documenting the terms of appointment as noted above. If the terms and conditions of employment change as a result of a Personnel Action, a new letter will be issued.
Appointment Status. The appointment as Assistant Librarian is always with 13 provisional/non- continuing status and is for a period of two years only, 14 exclusive of time granted for extension of appointment in accordance with 15 Article X.2 and X.3(A)section IV, Guideline A. Assistant Librarians do not hold 16 permanent/continuing appointment status. They qualify for promotion to 17 Senior Assistant Librarian after the first completed year of their initial two-year 18 appointment as Assistant Librarian.
Appointment Status. The appointment as Senior Assistant Librarian is 23 always with provisional /non-continuing status and is for an initial period of 24 three years, exclusive of time granted for extension of appointment in 25 accordance with Article X.2 and X.3(A)Chapter IV, Guideline A. Senior 26 Assistant Librarians may apply for a renewal of their appointment for an 27 additional, and final, three-year period. Senior Assistant Librarians do not hold 28 permanent/continuing appointment status. They qualify for 29 renewal/reappointment or for promotion to Associate Librarian after the 30 second complete year of their initial three-year appointment as Senior 31 Assistant Librarian. 32
Appointment Status. Promotion to the rank of Associate Librarian is always 5 made with permanent/continuing status. Initial appointment in the University 6 of Washington Libraries Xxxxxxxxx Law Library at the rank of Associate 7 Librarian may be made without permanent/continuing status for one three- 8 year period. Associate Librarians appointed with provisional/non-continuing 9 status may apply for permanent/continuing status during the first and second 10 years of their three-year appointment. Associate Librarians appointed with 11 provisional/non-continuing status must apply for permanent status no later 12 than October 1August 1 of the third year after the date of initial appointment.
Appointment Status. Promotion to the rank of Librarian is with 34 permanent/continuing status.
Appointment Status. At least annually, the Employer shall provide each bargaining unit member with a notification of his/her status on a form established by the Employer, provided that such form shall include at least the individual’s title or rank, gross salary, and personnel action taken (if applicable). A copy shall be placed in the employee’s personnel file.