Probationary Employee Sample Clauses

Probationary Employee. Definition: An employee who has been appointed to a permanent position from an eligible list and is currently serving, but who has never completed, a probationary period.
Probationary Employee. A probationary employee is an employee who has been hired on a full-time or part-time basis and who has been continuously employed by the Employer for ninety (90) calendar days or less. After ninety (90) calendar days of continuous employment, the employee will attain regular status unless specifically advised by the Employer in writing of an extended probationary period for up to an additional ninety (90) days. During the probationary period, an employee may be terminated without notice and without recourse to the grievance procedure.
Probationary Employee. An employee who was serving a probationary period at the time extended military leave became effective shall be required to complete the probationary period upon reinstatement.
Probationary Employee. The term "probationary employee" as used in this Agreement refers to a full-time bargaining unit employee who has received a probationary appointment and is serving a period of probation.
Probationary Employee. 28 A regular employee shall serve one (1) year of trial service to determine his or her 29 suitability for continued employment, such period to begin on the date of his or her 30 appointment to a regular position from a certified list of eligibles. During the period of 31 probation, the employee may be dismissed without recourse to the grievance procedure if in 32 the opinion of the employee's supervisor his or her continued service would not be in the best 33 interest of the County. The length of an employee’s probationary period may not be 1 extended by a Memorandum of Agreement under the terms of Article 26, Entire Agreement, 2 unless the employee was absent from work for a period of six (6) months or more previous to 3 the extension. Upon successful completion of six (6) months, probationary employees shall 4 have bidding rights to shifts. 5
Probationary Employee. Is any employee who has not successfully completed the requirements of the probationary period pursuant to Article 15.02.
Probationary Employee. An employee who is serving a probationary period as provided in the Civil Service Rules.
Probationary Employee. The words "probationary employee" when used in this Agreement shall mean any employee who is filling a permanent position and is serving a required probationary period.
Probationary Employee. The words "probationary employee" when used in this Agreement shall mean an employee who is serving the required probationary period of a permanent position as a new employee.