Shelter Sample Clauses

Shelter. (a) The Employer shall provide accommodation with adequate tables and seating facilities for Employees covered by this Agreement and it shall be properly constructed, heated and lighted. Said shelter shall be provided at the commence- ment of the work. There shall be room and provision for the safe storage of the Employeestools and clothes and free from materials and equipment. Shelters shall be kept cleaned and sanitary daily by both parties.
Shelter. 11.01 The Employer shall provide a proper and adequate place of shelter sufficiently heated and securely locked after the shift in which the employees may eat their lunch and store their clothing. Drinkable water shall be available at all times. Sanitary toilets shall be provided in accordance with the regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, R.S.O., 1980, c. 321 as amended, the Employer agrees to provide the above facilities before production work commences on the project. It is agreed that these facilities shall be on or in the vicinity of the working area. Such shelter shall not be used for the storage of material, equipment, and tools, which will render the area, unfit for the eating of lunches, and the storing of clothes. A separate area shall be provided for the storage of tools, equipment and materials.
Shelter a) The employer shall provide his employees with adequately heated shelters equipped with pro- pane or electric heating. These shelters shall be located at the work location, may be transportable and shall be equipped with plastic-top tables, benches, mi- crowave ovens and generators to allow employ- ees to eat their meals.
Shelter. Within a reasonable length of time after the commencement of each new job, adequate toilet facilities and access to fresh drinking water shall be provided by the employer, also suitable quarters shall be provided for employees to change their clothes and to eat their lunch. In winter, these quarters shall be heated. The employer agrees to provide a suitable place, with lock for the Storage and Safekeeping of Employees tools on all jobs. The employer shall be responsible for the loss of tools while in their safekeeping.
Shelter. 18.1 Each employer shall furnish a clean room heated to 65º F for employees to change clothing and eat lunch where possible. Employees designated by the employer shall be responsible for maintaining the room in a neat and tidy condition. Material shall not be stored in the lunch room and no work shall be performed in the lunch room.