Toilet Facilities Sample Clauses

Toilet Facilities. The Employer provides the Contractor access to toilet facilities. Temporary chemical toilets are provided by the Contractor where deemed necessary.
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Toilet Facilities. The City shall place temporary, portable, restroom facilities at Outdoor Active Use Areas at the discretion of the District. It shall be the responsibility of the City to maintain these facilities.
Toilet Facilities. Wherever possible, the Employer shall provide suitable toilet facilities on the job, for outside construction crews working in built-up residential areas.
Toilet Facilities. Access to the school’s toilet facilities is included as part of the hire arrangements.
Toilet Facilities. The Lessee may not use or allow the use of toilet facilities provided by the Lessor in the public areas of the Object or the building for any purposes other than their designed purposes. The Lessee may not and shall not allow others to throw any irrelevant item into toilet facilities, and shall pay all expenses as required by the Lessor for damage, breakage, blocking or spoil caused by the Lessee’s violation of the current clause.
Toilet Facilities. Not to use or permit or suffer to be used the toilet facilities provided by the Landlord in the Premises or in the common areas of the Building for any purpose other than that for which they are intended and not to throw or permit or suffer to be thrown therein any substance or object incompatible with their intended use and the Tenant shall pay to the Landlord on demand the whole expense of any breakage blockage or damage resulting from a violation of this Clause.
Toilet Facilities. The contractor must provide adequate portable toilet facilities and rubbish bins for construction workers during the construction period. The location of such facilities must be placed so as to minimize offence to the owners of units on the property and must be enclosed in shade cloth.
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Toilet Facilities. The Employer provides the Contractor access to existing toilet facilities.
Toilet Facilities. The Employer will provide clean, heated, lighted and ventilated flush toilets facilities where such facilities can be reasonably provided for. The toilet facilities shall contain sufficient number of water closets, hand basins and showers to meet the employees' requirements
Toilet Facilities. The Employer provides the Contractor access to toilet facilities. Temporary chemical toilets are provided by the Contractor where deemed necessary. Provided by the Contractor The Contractor shall provide, for his own use adequate size offices. A cleaning service must also be provided. Domestic rubbish will be removed free of charge. The Contractor shall dismantle and clear off site all such infrastructure at the discretion of the Service Manager on completion of the contract. No such dismantling and clearance work shall be carried out without prior approval by the Service Manager. Any electrical equipment or appliances used by the Contractor shall conform to the applicable South African Safety standards and Kriel standard PSR 010, and shall be maintained in safe and proper working condition. The Employer shall have the right to stop the Contractor’s use of any electrical equipment or appliance, which in the Employer’s opinion does not conform to the foregoing. Site Location The boundary of the site is within the Power Station boundary fences. The Contractor is to mark the boundaries of his site clearly. The Contractor is to ensure that all his material and equipment is always within the boundaries of his site. A site for the Contractor will be provided if needed. (The exact position will be determined on site). The Contractor will ensure further treatment of the yard area to keep all neat and tidy at all times. The Contractor shall also include for such items as security, watch and access arrangements to his yard area. The Contractor shall not occupy any site area other than that located to him On completion of the service on Site, all areas allocated to the Contractor shall be re-instated to their former condition to the satisfaction of Employer Contractor’s site requirements The Contractor supplies, installs, properly maintains and removes all temporary construction facilities and utilities necessary for the complete performance of the service Including the following: The Contractor’s yard should adhere to sound housekeeping, failing with this the Employer may use another Contractor to clean up the Contractor’s yard. These costs will be carried by the Contractor. Any damage to installed lighting is repaired at the Contractor’s expense. The reticulation of electricity, water and any other services required by the Contractor from a supplied central distribution point. Hazardous Substances to be contained as per Eskom requirements. Transportation on and off...
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