Partitions Sample Clauses

Partitions. In order to ensure maximum privacy for clients and to preserve the attorney-client privilege, the Employer agrees to construct floor to ceiling partitions for the offices of all casehandling staff where architecturally feasible. The feasibility of such construction may be limited by the cost relating to lighting and airflow.
Partitions. (a) Partitions within the Premises shall have 2” gypsum board on each sided of 3-5/8” metal studs, 16’ on center, taped and spackled. Partitions between the Premises, corridor(s) and between the Premises and adjacent space, shall have 5/8” fire code gypsum board, taped and spackled, on each side of 3-5/8” metal studs, 16” on center above finished ceiling to underside of metal deck. Demising partitions and corridor partitions to have thermofibre insulation installed within, and to be constructed from floor to underside of metal deck above.
Partitions. 1. Interior partitions will be constructed of 2 1/2" metal studs at 24" on center, from floor slab to the underside of the finished ceiling, with 1/2" gypsum wallboard panels with taped and finished joints prepared for paint.
Partitions. Owner shall supply and install ceiling-high metal stud drywall partitions with 5/8" sheet rock on both sides. All partitions to be finished with 4" base, either cove or straight. Corridor and classroom and between tenant partitions shall be of sound attenuating construction, extending to the underside of the floor above.
Partitions. Landlord will provide Interior Demising Partitions and Perimeter Demising Partitions. At Landlord's option, the demising partitions shall be of unfinished (i) masonry, or (ii) concrete, or (iii) metal or wood studs to the underside of the structure above. Where such partitions fall on structural column lines, at structural braces or structural expansion joints, projections may occur. Where desirable in Landlord's opinion, a vertical neutral strip will be located at the storefront area between stores.
Partitions. Scar patch and finish wall ends where storage room was removed to enlarge the existing breakroom and add a single exit door utilizing building standard components.
Partitions. 1.1. Demising walls to be as required by code.
Partitions a. All interior partitions shall be of metal stud construction and shall have gypsum board finish on all sides with taped and spackled joints. Any combustible materials applied to partitions shall receive a fire retardant coating, proof of which shall be furnished to Landlord upon request.