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Drinking water means water which is used, or intended to be available for use, by humans for drinking, cooking, food preparation, personal hygiene or similar purposes;
Drinking water and “Potable Water” means water that is available or otherwise supplied and intended to be suitable for human consumption on the premises to which the water is supplied.
Drinking water as a matrix means samples of presumed potable water and source water, which are analyzed for possible contaminants under the guidance of the Safe Drinking Water Act.¶

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  • OPNAVINST 5090.1 contains information on specific environmental topics including: • Management of ozone-depleting substances• Clean air ashore• Clean water ashore• Drinking water and water conservation• Oil and hazardous substances contingency planning• PCB management• Pesticide compliance• Noise prevention• Installation restoration• Natural resources management• Solid waste management4-3.1.1 Other Services Documents.

  • Sources of contamination of water, Chemical, Physical and Biological characteristics of water, Drinking water standards, standards and effects of contaminated water , water born diseases & problems.

  • No additional infrastructure is required for the above production enhancement.(v) Drinking water management (Source and Supply of water)Water produced in the mines during mining activity due to natural seepage and stowing operations is collected at identified sumps and is pumped to surface by means of suitable capacity of pumps.

  • Drinking water Damage degree 3 simulation Analyses showed that for category 3 (major damage) the wind speed and the distance from the hurricane path contributed.

  • A., Drinking water disinfection byproducts (DBPs) and human health effects: multidisciplinary challenges and opportunities, Environ.

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Drinking water means water that meets criteria as specified in 40 CFR 141 National Primary Drinking Water Regulations. "Drinking water" is traditionally known as "potable water." "Drinking water" includes the term "water" except where the term used connotes that the water is not potable, such as "boiler water," "mop water," "rainwater," "wastewater," and "nondrinking" water.
Drinking water means water distributed by an individual or public or private agency for human consumption, for use in preparing food or beverages, or for use in cleaning a utensil or article used in preparing food or beverages for, or consuming food or beverages by, human beings. The term includes water supplied for human consumption or used by an institution catering to the public.
Drinking water means water that meets criteria as specified in 20.7.10 NMAC. Drinking water is traditionally known as “potable water” and includes the term “water” except where the term used connotes that the water is not potable, such as “boiler water,” “mop water,” “rainwater,” “wastewater,” and “non- drinking” water.
Drinking water means water intended for human consumption.
Drinking water means any water that students have access to where it is reasonably foreseeable that the water may be used for drinking, cooking, or food preparation.
Drinking water means water distributed by an
Drinking water means a water fountain and/or cups of water provide to all motorists at no charge.