Payments Sample Clauses

Payments. All amounts due under this Section shall be payable not later than ten Business Days after demand therefor.

Payments. Whenever any payment of cash is to be made by the Company to any Person pursuant to this Debenture, such payment shall be made in lawful money of the United States of America by a check drawn on the account of the Company and sent via overnight courier service to such Person at such address as previously provided to the Company in writing (which address, in the case of each of the Purchasers, shall initially be as set forth on the Schedule of Buyers attached to the Securities Purchase Agreement); provided that the Holder may elect to receive a payment of cash via wire transfer of immediately available funds by providing the Company with prior written notice setting out such request and the Holder’s wire transfer instructions. Whenever any amount expressed to be due by the terms of this Debenture is due on any day which is not a Business Day, the same shall instead be due on the next succeeding day which is a Business Day and, in the case of any Interest Date which is not the date on which this Debenture is paid in full, the extension of the due date thereof shall not be taken into account for purposes of determining the amount of Interest due on such date. Any amount of Principal or other amounts due under the Transaction Documents, other than Interest, which is not paid when due shall result in a late charge being incurred and payable by the Company in an amount equal to interest on such amount at the rate of ten percent (10.00%) per annum from the date such amount was due until the same is paid in full (“Late Charge”).

Payments. Notwithstanding the other provisions of this Indenture, unless otherwise specified as contemplated by Section 2.2, payment of the principal of and interest, if any, on any Global Security shall be made to the Holder thereof.

Payments. All amounts due under this Section shall be payable not later than ten (10) Business Days after demand therefor.

Payments. All amounts due under this Section shall be payable promptly after demand therefor.

Payments. The Borrower shall (a) default in the payment when due of any principal of the Loans or (b) default, and such default shall continue for five or more days, in the payment when due of any interest on the Loans or any Fees or any Unpaid Drawings or of any other amounts owing hereunder or under any other Credit Document; or

Payments. Interest hereunder shall be due and payable on the tenth calendar day of each month during the term hereof. Bank shall, at its option, charge such interest, all Bank Expenses, and all Periodic Payments against any of Borrower’s deposit accounts or against the Revolving Line, in which case those amounts shall thereafter accrue interest at the rate then applicable hereunder. Any interest not paid when due shall be compounded by becoming a part of the Obligations, and such interest shall thereafter accrue interest at the rate then applicable hereunder. All payments shall be free and clear of any taxes, withholdings, duties, impositions or other charges, to the end that Bank will receive the entire amount of any Obligations payable hereunder, regardless of source of payment.

Payments. Except as otherwise expressly provided herein, all payments by Borrower under the Loan Documents shall be made to the respective Lender to which such payments are owed, at such Lender’s office in immediately available funds on the date specified herein. Unless otherwise provided, interest is payable monthly on the Payment Date of each month. Payments of principal and/or interest received after 12:00 noon Eastern time are considered received at the opening of business on the next Business Day. When a payment is due on a day that is not a Business Day, the payment is due the next Business Day and additional fees or interest, as applicable, shall continue to accrue until paid. All payments to be made by Borrower hereunder or under any other Loan Document, including payments of principal and interest, and all fees, expenses, indemnities and reimbursements, shall be made without set-off, recoupment or counterclaim, in lawful money of the United States and in immediately available funds.

Payments. Except to the extent otherwise provided herein, all payments of principal, interest and other amounts to be made by the Borrower under this Agreement or any other Loan Document shall be made in Dollars, in immediately available funds, without deduction, set off or counterclaim, to the Agent at its Principal Office, not later than 2:00 p.m. on the date on which such payment shall become due (each such payment made after such time on such due date to be deemed to have been made on the next succeeding Business Day). Subject to Section 11.4., the Borrower may, at the time of making each payment under this Agreement or any Note, specify to the Agent the amounts payable by the Borrower hereunder to which such payment is to be applied. Each payment received by the Agent for the account of a Lender under this Agreement or any Note shall be paid to such Lender at the applicable Lending Office of such Lender no later than 5:00 p.m. on the date of receipt. If the Agent fails to pay such amount to a Lender as provided in the previous sentence, the Agent shall pay interest on such amount until paid at a rate per annum equal to the Federal Funds Rate from time to time in effect. If the due date of any payment under this Agreement or any other Loan Document would otherwise fall on a day which is not a Business Day such date shall be extended to the next succeeding Business Day and interest shall be payable for the period of such extension.

Payments. All payments and prepayments to be made in respect of principal, interest, Commitment Fees, Letter of Credit Fees, Administrative Agent’s Fee or other fees or amounts due from the Borrower hereunder shall be payable prior to 1:00 p.m. on the date when due without presentment, demand, protest or notice of any kind, all of which are hereby expressly waived by the Borrower, and without set-off, counterclaim or other deduction of any nature, and an action therefor shall immediately accrue. Such payments shall be made to the Administrative Agent at the Principal Office for the account of PNC with respect to the Swing Loans and for the ratable accounts of the Lenders with respect to the Revolving Credit Loans in U.S. Dollars and in immediately available funds, and the Administrative Agent shall promptly distribute such amounts to the Lenders in immediately available funds; provided that in the event payments are received by 1:00 p.m. by the Administrative Agent with respect to the Loans and such payments are not distributed to the Lenders on the same day received by the Administrative Agent, the Administrative Agent shall pay the Lenders the Federal Funds Effective Rate with respect to the amount of such payments for each day held by the Administrative Agent and not distributed to the Lenders. The Administrative Agent’s and each Lender’s statement of account, ledger or other relevant record shall, in the absence of manifest error, be conclusive as the statement of the amount of principal of and interest on the Loans and other amounts owing under this Agreement and shall be deemed an “account stated.”