Goals and Objectives Sample Clauses

Goals and Objectives. The Parties acknowledge and agree that the specific goals and objectives of the Parties in entering into this Agreement are to:
Goals and Objectives. In accordance with the above, the University of Massachusetts Amherst's NON DOT Alcohol and Drug Testing/Screening Program employs five (5) principles as a means to achieve the goals of providing public safety, a workplace free from the effects of alcohol and drug use, and to ensure the fair treatment of employees. The first principle is a commitment by the University and the Union to fairness in testing, free from undocumented and unsubstantiated instances of ordering an employee to be tested, and free from harassment by any supervisor. While only a supervisor can order testing, the parties recognize that all employees have a duty/responsibility to report suspicious abuse of alcohol and/or controlled substances. Where there is a complaint that a supervisor has harassed an employee(s) through the ordering of tests, said supervisor may be subject to investigation and possible disciplinary action. The second principle emphasizes deterrence from the effects of drug use. As such, the University will make education and training available for all employees regarding the effects of substance abuse on individuals and on the workplace. Supervisors and managers will receive specialized training in detection, early intervention and enforcement. The Union may select up to three (3) representatives per session to voluntarily attend this specialized training, at the Union's expense, depending on space availability. The third principle is detection. The University will employ alcohol and drug testing in post-incident situations and testing based on reasonable suspicion. All testing will be done by a laboratory certified under the Federal Department of Health and Human Services (FDHHS) Mandatory Guidelines for federal workplace alcohol and drug testing programs. The fourth principle is treatment and rehabilitation. The University supports rehabilitation for those employees whose job is in jeopardy yet who sincerely desire rehabilitation services. All employees are encouraged to receive help for alcohol and drug problems through participation in a recognized, certified rehabilitation program. The fifth principle is enforcement, which is essential if deterrence, rehabilitation and detection are to be successful. All employees must be fit for duty, as defined within this program. As required by the Federal Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, this NON DOT Alcohol and Drug Testing/Screening Program proactively notifies all employees that the unlawful manufacture, distribution, di...
Goals and Objectives. Within ninety (90) days after execution of this Employment Contract, the Superintendent and Mr. Kitchen shall confer and establish goals and objectives for the Elementary School Principalship. The aforementioned goals and objectives shall be reduced to writing and shall be a portion of the criteria by which Mr. Kitchen shall be annually evaluated, as hereafter provided. Thereafter, within ninety (90) days subsequent to the annual evaluation of Mr. Kitchen, the parties hereto shall confer and establish new goals and objectives for Mr. Kitchen to achieve in the next succeeding school year.
Goals and Objectives. The Parties are working cooperatively to develop and cooperate to expand the ECOVAL&CO projects. The Parties agree to develop a list of target cooperation projects and common goals, and consequent agreements if required, within six (6) Months of signing this Agreement.
Goals and Objectives. Teachers will be required to update their current goals and objectives as the curriculum changes.
Goals and Objectives. 14.1.1 Sabbatical leaves are encouraged and may be granted to full-time faculty members for the purpose of carrying out an approved program which will benefit students, instructors, and the District. Such leaves are a means of enhancing the professional growth of faculty members through a variety of activities and/or experiences which have significant relevance to the specific assignment and/or to the retraining of the faculty member.
Goals and Objectives. The SCHOOL BOARD, the CITY, and the SHERIFF share the following goals and objectives with regard to the SRD Program: