Materials and Equipment Sample Clauses

Materials and Equipment. 5.4.1 The Owner shall and does have the right to approve any and all materials and equipment used in the construction of the Project.
Materials and Equipment. The Contractor shall evaluate each specific installation to determine the spare parts inventory needed to be maintained on site in order to prevent downtime caused by the need to procure spare parts. The Contractor shall have and maintain on hand within the region, or adjacent County, a supply of spare parts sufficient for the preventative and corrective maintenance and expedient emergency repair of the Lift Equipment and shall also provide an adequate supply of tools to make repairs without any undue delay. At the Facility, the Authorized User shall provide sufficient metal storage cabinet space for spare parts and metal containers for the storage of waste and other flammable materials. The Contractor shall provide a lock to keep the contents of the metal storage cabinet secure and a key for the lock shall be provided to the Authorized User Representative. The Contractor shall provide all replacement parts and equipment of every description. A replacement part is an individual piece of the equipment; equipment is made up of several parts. All replacement parts shall be new as specified by the original manufacturer or new after-market parts that are accepted by the Elevator industry as equal or better. In any instance where replacement parts specified by the original equipment manufacturer or after-market parts of equal or better quality are no longer available, an “equal” item may be acceptable, provided advance written approval of the item is obtained from the Authorized User. All new parts shall have at least a one year warranty. All new equipment shall have either a one year warranty or the manufacturer’s warranty, whichever expires later. In the event a part or equipment needs replacement during the warranty period, the Contractor shall replace the part or equipment at no cost to the Authorized User. All worn out, damaged and defective parts being replaced by the Contractor shall be presented to the Authorized User Representative for inspection prior to replacement. Authorized User retains right to keep all worn out, damaged and defective parts being replaced.
Materials and Equipment. Title to all materials, equipment, tools, supplies, consumables, spare parts and other items purchased or obtained by Operator on a Reimbursable Cost basis hereunder shall pass immediately to and vest in Owner upon the passage of title from the vendor or supplier thereof, provided, however, that such transfer of title shall in no way affect Operator's obligations as set forth in this Agreement.
Materials and Equipment. The Independent Contractor shall furnish, at the Independent Contractor’s own expense, all materials, equipment, and supplies necessary for the Independent Contractor to perform services under this Agreement.
Materials and Equipment. The CONTRACTOR shall be free to secure the approved materials, equipment and articles from sources of his own selection. However, if the OWNER finds that the work shall be delayed or adversely affected in any way because a selected source of supply cannot furnish a uniform product in sufficient quantity and at the time required and a suitable source does exist, or the product is not suitable for the Work, the OWNER shall have the right to require the original source of supply changed by the CONTRACTOR. The CONTRACTOR shall have no claim for extra cost or damage because of this requirement. The CONTRACTOR warrants to the OWNER that all materials and equipment furnished under this contract shall be new unless otherwise specified in the Contract Documents and that same shall be of good quality and workmanship, free from faults and defects and in conformance with the Contract Documents. All materials and equipment not conforming to these requirements, including substitutions not properly approved and authorized, may be considered defective and shall be promptly repaired or replaced by the CONTRACTOR at the CONTRACTOR’s sole cost upon demand of the OWNER. If required by the OWNER, the CONTRACTOR shall furnish satisfactory evidence as to the kind and quality of materials and equipment.
Materials and Equipment. Except for materials or Equipment to be supplied by Subcontractors identified on part B of Schedule 7, whenever materials or Equipment are specified or described in this Contract (including the Specifications) by using the name of a proprietary item or the name of a particular supplier, the naming of the item is intended to establish the type, function and quality required, and substitute materials or Equipment may nonetheless be used, provided that such materials or Equipment are equivalent or equal to that named. If the Vendor wishes to furnish or use a substitute item of material or Equipment, the Vendor must first certify that the proposed substitute will perform at least as well the functions and achieve the results called for by this Contract, will be substantially similar or of equal substance to that specified and be suited for the same use as that specified. The Owner may require the Vendor to furnish, at the Vendor's expense, additional data about the proposed substitute as required to evaluate the substitution. For Major Portions of the Work, or materials or Equipment listed on part B of Schedule 7, the Vendor must first receive prior written approval of the Owner for any substitution. The Owner will be allowed a reasonable time within which to evaluate each proposed substitute. Notwithstanding the foregoing, with respect to PCS Products, prior to the shipment of such PCS Products pursuant to the terms of this Contract, the Vendor may at any time without notice to or consent of the Owner make changes in a Vendor PCS Product furnished pursuant to this Contract, or modify the drawings and published specifications relating thereto, or substitute Products of similar or later design to fulfill its obligations under this Contract or otherwise fill an order, provided that the changes, modifications or substitutions will in no way affect or otherwise impact upon the form, fit, or function of an ordered Product pursuant to and in accordance with the applicable Specifications. With respect to changes, modifications and substitutions which do in fact affect the form, fit, or function of an ordered Product pursuant to and in accordance with the Specifications, the Vendor must notify the Owner in writing at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective dates of any such changes, modifications or substitutions. In the event that any such change, modification or substitution is not desired by the Owner, the Owner will notify the Vendor within thirty (30) days ...
Materials and Equipment. The purchase of all materials/equipment to provide the required imaging services is the responsibility of Contractor. Contractor shall use materials and equipment that are safe for the environment and safe for use by its employees.
Materials and Equipment. The A/E shall confirm that all extra materials and equipment specified in the contract documents which are the property of CDB are properly identified, delivered and stored as specified. A/E shall obtain and transmit signed receipts of such deliveries by the contractor to the authorized agency or the using agency accepting the delivery. Proper identification shall include the CDB project number, project specification number, description of the item and its purpose for use, name, address and phone number of the contractor that provided the item.
Materials and Equipment. Cost of all materials and equipment furnished and incorporated in the Work, including costs of transportation and storage thereof, and manufacturers’ field services required in connection therewith, adjusted in accordance with Article 12 pertaining to Discounts, Rebates and Refunds; rentals of all construction equipment, machinery and parts, in accordance with rental agreements and the costs of transportation, loading, unloading, installation, dismantling and removal thereof, all in accordance with the terms of said agreements. The rental of any such equipment, machinery and parts shall cease when the use thereof is no longer necessary for the Work.
Materials and Equipment. Embarq may provide (on its own behalf, or on behalf of its sponsors or advertisers) certain Embarq-Owned Property, including materials, domain names, Embarq Content and other information to Supplier as reasonably needed to perform the Services. Embarq represents and warrants that it has the right to provide all Embarq-Owned Property, and that use of such Embarq-Owned Property hereunder will not violate Embarq’s obligations under any other agreement, any laws or regulations. Embarq shall obtain, operate and maintain in good working order all equipment and ancillary services needed to connect to, access or otherwise use the Services via the Internet, including without limitation, modems, servers, hardware, software, network and communication services (“Equipment”). Embarq and Supplier shall jointly ensure that all Equipment is compatible with the Services (and, to the extent applicable, any software interface) and complies with all configurations and specifications set forth in Supplier’s published documentation. Embarq shall maintain the integrity and security of its Equipment (physical, electronic and otherwise), account passwords, and Embarq-Owned Materials.