Housing Sample Clauses

Housing. The Employer reserves the right to select among applicants for housing, and to terminate occupancy in accordance with State Housing Regulations. If an employee becomes ineligible for housing due to a change in job title or assignment or for other reasons, the agency may allow the employee up to six (6) months to secure alternate housing. The Employer shall not remove an employee from housing or refuse to consider an application for housing as a form of discipline for matters unrelated to housing, but this provision shall not restrict the Employer's right to remove from housing an employee whose employment is terminated. The Employer shall have the right to establish rental rates for employees in State-owned Housing. Such rental rates shall be based upon appraisals conducted by or for the State which will establish fair market values for the properties. The State will continue to take into consideration whether or not the housing is located on the grounds of State institutions, when determining rental values. The rental values established by the State for employee housing shall not be subject to the grievance or arbitration procedure.
Housing. The receiving institution will guide incoming mobile participants in finding accommodation, according to the requirements of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. Information and assistance can be provided by the following persons and information sources. Contact details Website for information Students: Online application Teachers: Marcin Żuk, MPhil tel.: +48 81 53 84 719 email: m.zuk@pollub.pl http://bwm.pollub.pl/sms-en- accommodation.en 5. Student Services Contact details Website for information