Duties of Contractor Sample Clauses

Duties of Contractor. The Contractor shall provide the following services relative to this Contract:
Duties of Contractor. The duties and liabilities of the Contractor shall remain the same as under the Main Agreement, namely to use his best endeavours to salve the vessel and property thereon and in so doing to prevent or minimise damage to the environment.
Duties of Contractor. 1.01 The Contractor shall provide the services as set forth or described in Attachment A, attached to and made a part of this Agreement. The Contractor agrees that the services shall be consistent with generally accepted commercial standards in the relevant trades or professions. To the extent Attachment A purports to incorporate contractual terms of service, any such terms are voidable at the option of Whitestown.
Duties of Contractor. The Contractor shall provide the services set forth in the Scope of Work (Exhibit 1) attached hereto and incorporated herein (the “Services”). In addition, the Contractor agrees to perform all duties and arrange and administer the provision of all Services as set out in the following exhibits, all of which are attached hereto and incorporated herein:
Duties of Contractor. The Indiana Department of Administration on behalf of All State Entities here in referred to as (“State”) is establishing a quantity purchase agreement (QPA) for Road Salt. The Contractor shall provide these services and commodities necessary to the State as set forth in BID #ASA-20-858, the Contractor’s response, and clarifications, made a part of this Contract herein by reference. The following contract exhibits are hereby included in this contract and incorporated herein by reference as follows: Exhibit A – List of Awarded Entities & Pricing Exhibit B – INDOT & Other State Agencies Specifications Exhibit CLocal Governmental Entities Specifications Exhibit D – Performance Metrics and Corrective Actions The duties of the Contractor are set forth, attached hereto, and fully incorporated herein:
Duties of Contractor. Contractor shall have full and complete responsibility for the Work until final acceptance. Contractor shall take reasonable steps to protect the workmen, property, and equipment of other contractors against injury or damage arising out of or connected with the operations conducted by Contractor hereunder. Contractor waives all rights it might have against Owner for loss or damage to Contractor's Work, property or materials arising out of or connected with the operations of the Owner or any other contractors hired by Owner, unless caused by the Owner.