Contractor must provide Sample Clauses

Contractor must provide all of the equipment and supplies for Contractor services. This includes, but is not limited to, the following items: stenotype machine, and applicable software to provide instant speech-to-text translation on a laptop computer, and a stand-alone monitor so that a Consumer can read the transmitted text on a display screen, and necessary connecting adaptors. Contractor may not use Court computers, copier machines, paper, and fax machines, unless otherwise arranged with the Court. The Court does not provide technical support.
Contractor must provide a. Evidence of commercial pesticide license certification by the State of New Mexico for the proposed pesticide application.

Related to Contractor must provide

  • The Contractor must 16.1.1. treat all Authority Protected Information as confidential and safeguard it accordingly, implementing appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect Authority Protected Information against disclosure;

  • Subcontractor Insurance In accord with Good Utility Practice, each Constructing Entity shall require each of its subcontractors to maintain and provide evidence of insurance coverage of types, and in amounts, commensurate with the risks associated with the services provided by the subcontractor. Bonding of contractors or subcontractors shall be at the hiring Constructing Entity’s discretion, but regardless of bonding, the hiring principal shall be responsible for the performance or non- performance of any contractor or subcontractor it hires.

  • Subcontractor Any vendor, subcontractor or other Person that is not responsible for the overall servicing (as “servicing” is commonly understood by participants in the mortgage-backed securities market) of Mortgage Loans but performs one or more discrete functions identified in Item 1122(d) of Regulation AB with respect to Mortgage Loans under the direction or authority of the Servicer or a Subservicer.

  • Subcontractor compliance The Recipient is responsible for Subrecipient compliance with the requirements of this clause and may be held liable for unpaid wages due Subrecipient workers.

  • Contractor Compliance Contractor represents and warrants to pay, at its sole expense, for all applicable permits, licenses, tariffs, tolls and fees to give all notices and comply with all laws, ordinances, rules and regulations of any governmental entity in conjunction with the performance of obligations under the Contract. Prior to award and during the Contract term and any renewals thereof, Contractor must establish to the satisfaction of the Commissioner that it meets or exceeds all requirements of the Bid/Contract and any applicable laws, including but not limited to, permits, insurance coverage, licensing, proof of coverage for worker’s compensation, and shall provide such proof as required by the Commissioner. Failure to do so may constitute grounds for the Commissioner to cancel or suspend this Contract, in whole or in part, or to take any other action deemed necessary by the Commissioner.

  • Contractor A person or entity who submits a Bid and who executes a Contract.