Cooperative Sample Clauses

Cooperative. An Entity operating in the ERCOT Region that is: (i) a corporation organized under Chapter 161 of the Texas Utilities Code or a predecessor statute to Chapter 161 and operating under that chapter; (ii) a corporation organized as an electric cooperative in a state other than Texas that has obtained a certificate of authority to conduct affairs in the State of Texas; (iii) a cooperative association organized under Tex.Rev.Civ.Stat. 1396-50.01 or a predecessor to that statute and operating under that statute; or (iv) a River Authority as defined in Tex. Water Code §30.003.
Cooperative. A corporation that has been formed for the purpose of cooperative apartment ownership.
Cooperative. The entity that holds title (fee or an acceptable leasehold estate) to all of the real property that the related Project comprises, including the land, separate dwelling units and all common areas. Cooperative Apartment: The specific dwelling unit relating to a Cooperative Loan. Cooperative Lien Search: A search for (a) federal tax liens, mechanics’ liens, lis pendens, judgments of record or otherwise against (i) the Cooperative, (ii) the seller of the Cooperative Apartment and (iii) the Company, if the Cooperative Loan is a refinanced Mortgage Loan, (b) filings of financing statements and (c) the deed of the Project into the Cooperative.
Cooperative. The private, non-profit cooperative apartment corporation which owns all of the real property that comprises the Project, including the land, separate dwelling units and all common areas. Cooperative Apartment: The specific dwelling unit relating to a Cooperative Loan.
Cooperative. Franchisor shall have the right, in its discretion, to designate any geographic area (i.e., DMA) as a region for purposes of establishing a Cooperative and to determine whether a Cooperative is applicable to the Members. Throughout the term of this Agreement, the geographic area encompassed by the DMA shall be subject to change in accordance with the boundaries as established by Nielsen Media Research, Inc. A Cooperative shall be composed of any two or more restaurants, whether such restaurants are operated by Franchisor or franchisees. If a Cooperative has been established for the geographic area in which the Franchised Restaurant is located at the time a System Restaurant (as defined in the Franchise Agreement) commences business hereunder, the operator of such System Restaurant (franchisee, Franchisor (or any of its affiliates) shall immediately become a member of such Cooperative not later than thirty (30) days after the date on which the Cooperative commences operation, as provided below. If the System Restaurant is within the geographic area of more than one Cooperative, the franchisee shall be required to be a member of only one such Cooperative as designated by Franchisor.
Cooperative. NOVA Web Development, LLC, is a worker cooperative legally structured as an LLC. This operating agreement has provisions to make sure that the Cooperative is and will remain a worker cooperative. Notes: A worker cooperative is a business in which:
Cooperative. Assignor agrees to provide, at Assignee’s cost, whatever assistance is reasonably required by Assignee to perfect, secure, enforce or otherwise maintain its interests in the Patents.