Professional Development Plan Sample Clauses

Professional Development Plan. Professional Development Plan (PDP) refers to plans developed by faculty members addressing the criteria contained in Article 22 and Appendix G.
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Professional Development Plan. The employing district has developed and implemented a Professional Development Plan for interns in consultation with a Commission-approved program of teacher preparation. The plan shall include all of the following:
Professional Development Plan. A document developed by the teacher in consultation with the supervisor describing a teacher’s professional growth interests and needs that:
Professional Development Plan. The Minneapolis Federation of Teachers, Educational Support Professionals Chapter and the Minneapolis Public Schools have elected to use the Professional Development Plan (PDP) to support and enhance the performance of Educational Support Professionals. The goals of the District’s PDP process are to: improve student achievement and promote collegial and professional growth. Participation in the PDP process will achieve these goals by: ▪ focusing improvement efforts on instruction; ▪ improving peer interaction and involvement; ▪ increasing communication especially between Educational Support Professionals, administrators and teachers; ▪ increasing parent/community participation; ▪ focusing on inclusion in instruction, i.e. multicultural, gender fair, ability fair and developmentally appropriate instruction; ▪ creating an environment which promotes risk-taking and trust; ▪ sharing decisions with all of the stakeholders. The PDP process requires employees to develop and enhance their skills in their area of responsibility. The mission of the District is to ensure that all students learn. Further, the professional development plan must support the School Improvement Plan of the site. The PDP is an individualized self-improvement plan designed by an employee and the PDP team. It is believed that the employees will assume increased responsibility for professional growth because of the support of the team and the focus on student achievement. The PDP requirement that the employee seeks professional development as part of a team will enhance a spirit of collegiality. Plan design for the implementation of the PDP process for Educational Support Professionals is the shared responsibility of the site leadership team, the site principal, Human Resources, Teacher and Instructional Services, and other departments within Minneapolis Public Schools. The “Standards of Effective Instructional Support for Educational Support Professionals” is provided as a guide for Educational Support Professionals in the preparation of their PDPs. It is understood that not all members of the bargaining unit currently provide instructional support and may need to modify these standards and/or use other criteria to prepare their PDP. PDP does not apply to probationary or temporary Educational Support Professionals.
Professional Development Plan. The Instructional Coach will orient teachers to the KSD course offerings and registration process as well as assist teachers in developing a professional development plan.
Professional Development Plan. Courses taken shall follow a mutually agreed to District Professional Development plan for the unit member’s development in his/her position.
Professional Development Plan. In accordance with the Ohio State Board of Education’s statewide evaluation framework, the Board will adopt a specific plan for the allocation of financial resources to support the professional development of teachers covered by this Article.
Professional Development Plan a. The Professional Development Plan (PDP) shall be developed, modified, or updated in collaboration with the immediate supervisor during the fall quarter of the fifth year of the cycle.
Professional Development Plan. 1. If a teacher receives a “needs improvement” rating on a formal summative evaluation, the administration must develop a professional improvement plan (Professional Development Plan) for the teacher in cooperation with the Teacher.
Professional Development Plan a. Each full-time non-tenure track and pro rata faculty member shall develop a Professional Development Plan and discuss this plan with the appropriate vice- president.