Professional Development Plan Sample Clauses

Professional Development Plan. Professional Development Plan (PDP) refers to plans developed by faculty members addressing the criteria contained in Article 22 and Appendix G.
Professional Development Plan. The employing district has developed and implemented a Professional Development Plan for interns in consultation with a Commission-approved program of teacher preparation. The plan shall include all of the following:
Professional Development Plan. The Minneapolis Federation of Teachers, Educational Support Professionals Chapter and the Minneapolis Public Schools have elected to use the Professional Development Plan (PDP) to support and enhance the performance of Educational Support Professionals. The goals of the District’s PDP process are to: improve student achievement and promote collegial and professional growth. Participation in the PDP process will achieve these goals by:  focusing improvement efforts on instruction;  improving peer interaction and involvement;  increasing communication especially between Educational Support Professionals, administrators and teachers;  increasing parent/community participation;  focusing on inclusion in instruction, i.e. multicultural, gender fair, ability fair and developmentally appropriate instruction;  creating an environment which promotes risk-taking and trust;  sharing decisions with all of the stakeholders. The PDP process requires employees to develop and enhance their skills in their area of responsibility. The mission of the District is to ensure that all students learn. Further, the professional development plan must support the School Improvement Plan of the site. The PDP is an individualized self-improvement plan designed by an employee and the PDP team. It is believed that the employees will assume increased responsibility for professional growth because of the support of the team and the focus on student achievement. The PDP requirement that the employee seeks professional development as part of a team will enhance a spirit of collegiality. Plan design for the implementation of the PDP process for Educational Support Professionals is the shared responsibility of the site leadership team, the site principal, Human Resources, Teacher and Instructional Services, and other departments within Minneapolis Public Schools. The “Standards of Effective Instructional Support for Educational Support Professionals” is provided as a guide for Educational Support Professionals in the preparation of their PDPs. It is understood that not all members of the bargaining unit currently provide instructional support and may need to modify these standards and/or use other criteria to prepare their PDP. PDP does not apply to probationary or temporary Educational Support Professionals.
Professional Development Plan. On or before September 1 of each school year, each member of the unit shall submit to the Superintendent a proposed program of professional development for that school year, and as may be pertinent, for subsequent school years. The plan shall identify the professional development activities the member wishes to participate in, the extent to which the proposed activities satisfy regulatory mandates for continuing licensure or certification and any evaluative requirements, the manner in which the proposed activities serve the interests of the district’s programs, an explanation of the member’s time commitment to the activities, and approximate dates and times of attendance if known. The plan may include any elements reasonably related to professional development including attendance at courses of instruction approved for graduate or undergraduate credit at institutions of high learning, other courses approved for professional development credit by competent regulatory authority, memberships in professional or erudite societies, publications, and reasonably related travel. The plan shall specify the anticipated expenses associated with each element and activity.
Professional Development Plan. Professional development plans will be prepared for bargaining unit members wishing advanced column placement and who are not enrolled in a degree program. The plans are for the purpose of professional advancement that results in services being of greater value and accomplishing the goals of AVTEC. The teacher or instructor and their department head will develop professional development plans jointly. All professional development plans will be approved by the Deputy Director and the Director and will not be unreasonably denied.
Professional Development Plan. The plan provides a design for continued and sustained growth of a teacher who has successfully completed a remediation plan. It is to occur over the course of one calendar year and will begin immediately upon completion of the remediation. The performance standard and criterion from the remediation plan to be addressed in the professional development plan is assigned by the evaluator/manager and the principal, if not one and the same. The plan is to be written collaboratively with the teacher and requires the teacher to complete the study, demonstration, and reflection portions of a professional development unit (PDU). The evaluator/manager and the principal will also gather and document artifacts and data sources, including observed demonstration and conferences. During the year of the professional development plan the teacher who is enrolled in ProComp may submit a PDU for salary increment. Once the plan is completed, the teacher may submit completed PDUs and may use the professional development plan to fulfill some of the requirements of a PDU.
Professional Development Plan. In accordance with the Ohio State Board of Education’s statewide evaluation framework, the Board will adopt a specific plan for the allocation of financial resources to support the professional development of teachers covered by this Article.
Professional Development Plan. In keeping with high professional standing, each Probationary and Tenured Professor will develop and review individually with their respective Xxxx or supervising administrator a personal Professional Development Plan which includes goals which: • Relate to their present or future instructional/counseling/advising/library assignments and professional interests; • Meet and maintain certification, accreditation, or professional standards of the College and the respective program assignment; • Detail the outcomes and identified needs from their Probationary Review or Teaching Excellence Community assessment; and • Support College core themes. The Professional Development Plan is to be completed by October 31 in the professor’s first probationary year and updated annually by June 15 thereafter, cover three years and should include a schedule of goals and activities to be completed during each year of the plan. The Professional Development Plan for Tenured Professors will cover five years. The plan is to be developed upon mutual agreement between the professor and the Xxxx or supervising administrator. In the event that the professor and the Xxxx or supervising administrator cannot reach a mutual agreement, the appropriate Vice President will have final approval. The Professional Development Plan is a working agreement and, through mutual agreement between the professor and the Xxxx or supervising administrator, may be altered during the year. Significant alterations to the Professional Development Plan must be approved by the respective college Vice President. Satisfaction of Professional-Technical Certification requirements will constitute satisfaction of the annual professional development plan.
Professional Development Plan a. The Professional Development Plan (PDP) shall be developed, modified, or updated in collaboration with the immediate supervisor during the fall quarter of the fifth year of the cycle.