Professional Growth definition

Professional Growth means activities undertaken by the teacher in pursuance of the teacher’s “Individual Three-Year Professional Development Plan” as outlined in the Ashland School District’s Professional Development Master Plan.
Professional Growth means training that is directly related to improving competencies in areas that relate to operating and maintain- ing a wastewater treatment plant.
Professional Growth means the process in which teachers examine the relationship between what they and their students are doing and what their students are learning. This process involves self reflection and feedback from students and colleagues and an exploration of the findings from research, as well as the use of this information as the basis for improving personal practice in the future.

Examples of Professional Growth in a sentence

  • These activities must be recorded on the Professional Growth Plan and Record form.

  • You must retain your Professional Growth Plan and Record form for one year following the submission of this application.

  • The professionalism section of the rubric may use evidence collected during the pre-observation and post-observation conferences as well as information from the Professional Growth and/or Improvement Plan (if applicable).

  • Evidence Indicators: Goal 2 : Teacher Performance on the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession Goal Statement: Evidence Indicators: Evaluator Signature Date Teacher Signature Date The signatures above verify that the teacher and evaluator have discussed and agreed upon this Professional Growth Plan.

  • The School District Professional Growth Committee with the Director, Human Resources will apply the committee’s standards and guidelines to professional work submitted to determine the number of board credits earned through the process.

More Definitions of Professional Growth

Professional Growth. The District shall contribute up to $30,000 annually for a total of $30,000 each year (that does not accrue or carry over) for a professional growth program. CSEA shall establish criteria for this program subject to approval by the Vice Chancellor of Human Resources.
Professional Growth. The Board shall reimburse the Superintendent for all reasonable expenses incurred for successful completion of all university course work required for continued certification or an advanced degree. The course work must be approved in advance by the Board. Reimbursement per credit hour shall not exceed the average cost of a graduate credit hour for in-state tuition for the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and Western Michigan University.
Professional Growth means pursuing units to attain a career goal or pursuing course work, workshops or seminars to improve job skills or to advance technological literacy. Training courses provided by the District during regular work hours do not qualify for professional growth.
Professional Growth means a voluntary plan by an employee designed to improve that employees’ professional performance according to the criteria set forth below.
Professional Growth means the career-long learning process whereby an administrator annually develops and implements a plan to achieve professional learning objectives or goals that are consistent with the LQS.
Professional Growth refers to participation in activities that contribute to a credential holder’s competence, performance or effectiveness in the profession of education.
Professional Growth means a career-long, collaborative learning process whereby a teacher annually develops and implements an action plan to achieve professional learning objectives or goals consistent with the Teaching Quality Standard.