Approved program definition

Approved program or "approved state" means a state or interstate program that has been approved or authorized by EPA under 40 CFR Part 123 (2000).
Approved program means a program for the education and training of physician
Approved program means a professional education program recognized as meeting state standards for the content and operation of such programs so graduates of the program will be eligible for state licensure. The Board of Education has the authority to approve programs in Virginia.

Examples of Approved program in a sentence

  • The Approved Program of Requirements, as amended from time to time, shall determine the Scope of the Project.

  • Based upon the current Approved Program of Requirements and the schedule and budget requirements, the Associate shall prepare Schematic Design Documents consisting of architectural drawings and other documents illustrating the scale of the Project and of the relationship of components of the Project to one another and of the Project to surrounding properties.

  • Based on the current, approved Design Development Documents, approved Detailed Estimate of Construction Cost and approved Project Schedule and any further revisions to the Approved Program of Requirements the Associate shall prepare, for approval by the University, Drawings and Specifications setting forth in detail the requirements for the construction of the Project.

  • Teaching Hours cannot be included in determining the direct teaching hours of an Approved Program.

  • Approved Program of Requirements A written document approved by the Owner and Contracting Authority that details the functional requirements of the Project and the expectations of how it will be used and operated.

More Definitions of Approved program

Approved program means a physician assistant educational
Approved program means a program that has been approved by the board in accordance with 511 IAC 13-1-1.
Approved program means an educational program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education of the American Physical Therapy Association.
Approved program means a program submitted to and approved by
Approved program means a specific, individual educational pro- gram approved as a continuing legal education program under these rules by the Board of Continuing Legal Education.
Approved program means a general elementary or secondary content area preparation program under 515 IAC 1-1-1 through 515 IAC 1-1-69 or approved by the board under 515 IAC 3.
Approved program means a career and technical education program that has a classification of instructional program code approved by the Iowa department of education and that meets similar criteria as established for career and technical education programs approved under 281—Chapter 21.