Needs Improvement Sample Clauses

Needs Improvement the Educator’s performance on a standard or overall is below the requirements of a standard or overall, but is not considered to be unsatisfactory at this time. Improvement is necessary and expected.
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Needs Improvement. This rating indicates that the performance of the evaluatee is seriously deficient and needs definite strengthening. This rating shall designate specific areas to be improved and delineate how improvement may be accomplished. Should sufficient improvement not be shown during subsequent evaluations, the evaluatee's rating will be considered unsatisfactory. For full-time faculty, poor performance in the categories of Section 18.2.3 may lead to an overall needs improvement rating.
Needs Improvement d. Unsatisfactory
Needs Improvement. This rating is used only when the performance of an annual contract employee needs improvement for one or more of the assessment criteria following the implementation of a Performance Development Plan (See Section m). For purposes of reemployment of first or second year annual contract employees or for recommendation of an employee for Professional Services Contract only, a Needs Improvement rating shall have the same effect as a Satisfactory rating.
Needs Improvement. Any “Needs Improvement rating in any one (1) of the domain areas shall result in a rating of “Needs Improvement.”
Needs Improvement level of performance that is less than expected of a fully competent employee. It means improvement is necessary. This rating should be thoroughly discussed with the employee to set specific objectives and procedures for improvement.
Needs Improvement. Persons evaluated in this category usually require additional training and closer supervision in order to meet fully the established work standards. The employee should understand that his/her work is not considered unsatisfactory, but that additional effort on his/her part, along with more help on the part of his/her Supervisor, will probably be required to bring his/her performance to a completely acceptable and satisfactory level. Continued failure to show improvement may lead to preparation of a notice of unsatisfactory service. APPENDIX D LOS ANGELES COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT‌ NOTICE OF OUTSTANDING WORK PERFORMANCE INSTRUCTIONS FOR PREPARING NOTICES OF OUTSTANDING WORK PERFORMANCE
Needs Improvement. Performance is below requirements, and improvement is necessary and expected.
Needs Improvement. When an employee is rated at the “Needs Improvement” level, a narrative explanation supporting that rating shall be included as part of the appraisal as justification for the “Needs Improvement” rating.
Needs Improvement performance is marginal. Employee requires constant supervision. Barely meets minimum standards.