Planning Process Sample Clauses

Planning Process. Each year by November 30, the Trustees shall give notice of a Meeting of Residents in order to review the proposed budget and the use of the Funds Available for the next fiscal year. The notice of the meeting shall be given in the manner set out in Article 8.4. The Trustees shall make available for review at least thirty (30) days before the meeting:
Planning Process. Tenant shall, promptly after this Lease is executed by Tenant and Landlord and delivered, submit to Landlord for Landlord’s approval an initial set of plans (“Initial Plans”), progress plans from time to time (“Interim Plans”) and a full set of construction drawings (“Final Plans”) for Tenant Improvement Work (collectivelythe Plans”). Tenant’s architect therefor is Design Management Corporation. The Plans shall contain at least the information required by, and shall conform to the requirements of, Exhibit B-2. Landlord’s approval of the Initial Plans and the Interim Plans (and the Final Plans, provided that the Final Plans are consistent with the Initial Plans and the Interim Plans and contain at least the information required by, and conform to the requirements of, said Exhibit B-2), shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed and shall comply with the requirements to avoid aesthetic or other conflicts with the design and function of the balance of the Building. Landlord’s approval is solely given for the benefit of Landlord under this Section 4.2 and neither Tenant nor any third party shall have the right to rely upon Landlord’s approval of Tenant’s plans for any other purpose whatsoever. Without limiting the foregoing, Tenant shall be responsible for all elements of the design of Tenant’s plans (including, without limitation, compliance with law, functionality of design, the structural integrity of the design, the configuration of the Premises and the placement of Tenant’s furniture, appliances and equipment), and Landlord’s approval of Tenant’s plans shall in no event relieve Tenant of the responsibility for such design. Landlord agrees to respond to any Initial Plans within thirty days (30) of receipt thereof and to Interim Plans and the Final Plans within fourteen (14) days of receipt thereof. If Landlord fails to timely respond then for each day of such failure, there shall be a corresponding day for day delay in the time periods under Exhibit B-4 to the extent applicable. If Landlord disapproves of any Plans, then Tenant shall, within ten (10) days of receipt of such disapproval, have the Plans revised by its architect to incorporate all reasonable objections and conditions presented by Landlord and resubmitted to Landlord (provided, however, that Tenant shall have fourteen (14) days to resubmit the Plans in the case a major redesign is required as the result of such disapproval). Such process shall be followed until the Plans shal...
Planning Process. Unless specifically waived by the State Board, the Charter School shall comply with all requirements of state law for a goal setting and planning process, including, without limitation, the establishment of annual goals and objectives, the establishment of a Unified Improvement Plan (UIP), the creation and involvement of an accountability committee, and publication of an annual report to the public to be presented at a District School Board meeting. The Charter School’s accountability committee (“SAC”) shall report to the District’s Accountability Committee (“DAC”) to the same extent and in the same format as other District schools.
Planning Process. Contractor shall ensure that the person-centered planning process is initiated and the service plan is developed within fifteen (15) days after Contractor is notified that the Enrollee is determined eligible for HCBS Waiver services. The planning process shall be led, when possible, by the Enrollee and include individuals chosen by the Enrollee. An Enrollee’s HCBS Provider(s), or those who have an interest in or are employed by the HCBS Provider(s), shall not participate in the planning process, unless the provision at 42 CFR 441.301(c)(1)(vi) is met. Contractor is responsible for procedures to assist Enrollees in the planning process, including how to resolve conflicts and disagreements that includes conflict-of- interest guidelines. The Enrollee’s Care Coordinator will assist the Enrollee in leading the HCBS Waiver person-centered service planning and will coordinate with the Interdisciplinary Care Team (ICT).
Planning Process. This section will describe the planning efforts involved in the preparation of the MHMP Update including: ▪ Narrative of and schedule for the planning processActivities of the MHMP Task Force ▪ Public outreach efforts ▪ Review and incorporation of existing plans, studies, reports, and technical information To achieve this URS will: ▪ Briefly describe the planning process for the 2008 MHMP ▪ Describe the review of the 2008 MHMP by URS and the Task Force and illustrate the conclusionsProvide the MHMP Update planning process scheduleList the MHMP Update Task Force team membersSummarize the MHMP Update Task Force meetings, which will include: ⯈ Meeting #1: MHMP Update Kick-Off ⯈ Meeting #2: Hazard Profiles and Asset Inventory ⯈ Meeting #3: Vulnerability Analysis & Potential Mitigation Actions ⯈ Meeting #4: Draft Plan ▪ Describe public outreach efforts and stakeholder involvement to include: ⯈ Media releases/announcementsPlacing relevant information about the MHMP Update, including the plan update process overview, DMA 2000 plan update requirements, hazard figures, and ultimately, and the Final Draft Plan on the Mendocino County websiteDevelopment of an MHMP web portal which features interactive GIS hazard maps. Features of the web portal will include, allowing users to locate a specific location (address or latitude/longitude coordinates) within the County then apply each hazard layer allowing the user to see the susceptibility to each hazard ⯈ A public workshop to inform and solicit input on the draft plan ▪ List the key state and local information sources reviewed and integrated into the MHMP Update and discuss how they were utilized during plan development
Planning Process. The corresponding Board of Directors shall discuss and approve the annual business plans and budgets of the Chilean Joint Venture Entities. However, considering the substantial interest to be held by Citigroup Chile in the Chilean Joint Venture Entities and the experience it can contribute, the Parties shall follow the following procedure with respect to the annual business plan and budget:
Planning Process. 4.1 The Parties will review, on a quarterly basis, Groundco's Quarterly Forecast of Hub Operating Requirements and Airco's capability for the next four quarters no later than 30 days prior to the start of each fiscal quarter. The Parties will conduct, in the third quarter of each year, a formal annual budget review with respect to the Services for the upcoming year. The initial Quarterly Forecast of Hub Operating Requirements is set forth in Schedule 8. During the fourth quarter of each fiscal year, the Parties will hold weekly meetings at the option of either Party.
Planning Process. The Parties intend that this Agreement will fulfill the NCCPA requirements pertaining to planning agreements and will establish a mutually agreeable process for preparing a Plan that fulfills the requirements of the NCCPA and FESA.
Planning Process. City and NRD agree to cooperate to facilitate exchanges of land or transfer of NRD trails and trail corridor to City that may be advantageous to preserve and improve trails and ensure future planned trails are possible. Once transfers of trail corridor property to City, City shall utilize its personnel and expertise to make judgments as to desirable urban development patterns and standards and specification for roadway and utility development, as well as work on successful negotiations with developers and landowners that City may already have worked with in the past. Control of the land by City shall ensure that the trails are protected and the public interest is served in the development process.