PREPARATION OF THE. AGENDA- the agenda for regular meetings shall be prepared by the Superintendent and sent to members of the Committee along with the call of the meeting. Items suggested by Committee members shall be included in the agenda.
PREPARATION OF THE. Introducing Broker's payroll records, financial statements or any analysis or review thereof or any recommendations relating thereto:
PREPARATION OF THE. Registration Statement and the LandCare ---------------------------------------------------------- Proxy Statement. As soon as practicable following the date of this Agreement, --------------- LandCare and ServiceMaster shall jointly prepare and file with the SEC the LandCare Proxy Statement and ServiceMaster shall prepare and file with the SEC the Registration Statement, in which the LandCare Proxy Statement will be included. Each of LandCare and ServiceMaster shall use best efforts to have the Registration Statement declared effective under the Securities Act as promptly as practicable after such filing. LandCare will use its reasonable best efforts to cause the LandCare Proxy Statement to be mailed to the stockholders of LandCare as promptly as practicable after the Registration Statement is declared effective under the Securities Act. ServiceMaster shall also take any action (other than qualifying to do business in any jurisdiction in which it is not now so qualified or to file a general consent to service of process) required to be taken under any applicable state securities laws in connection with the issuance of ServiceMaster Common Stock in the Merger and LandCare shall furnish all information concerning LandCare and the holders of the Shares as may be reasonably requested in connection with any such action. No filing of, or amendment or supplement to, the Registration Statement will be made by ServiceMaster or to the LandCare Proxy Statement will be made by LandCare or ServiceMaster without providing the other party the opportunity to review and comment thereon. ServiceMaster will advise LandCare, promptly after it receives notice thereof, of the time when the Registration Statement has become effective or any supplement or amendment has been filed, the issuance of any stop order, the suspension of the qualification of ServiceMaster Common Stock issuable in connection with the Merger for offering or sale in any jurisdiction, or any request by the SEC for amendment of the LandCare Proxy Statement or the Registration Statement or comments thereon and responses thereto or requests by the SEC for additional information. If at any time prior to the Effective Time any information relating to LandCare or ServiceMaster, or any of their respective affiliates, officers or directors, should be discovered by LandCare or ServiceMaster which should be set forth in an amendment or supplement to any of the Registration Statement or the LandCare Proxy Statement, s...


  • Preparation Awarded vendor shall not begin a project for which TIPS Member has not prepared the site, unless awarded vendor does the preparation work at no cost, or until TIPS Member includes the cost of site preparation in a purchase order. Site preparation includes, but is not limited to: moving furniture, installing wiring for networks or power, and similar pre−installation requirements. Registered sex offender restrictions: For work to be performed at schools, awarded vendor agrees that no employee of a sub−contractor who has been adjudicated to be a registered sex offender will perform work at any time when students are, or reasonably expected to be, present. Awarded vendor agrees that a violation of this condition shall be considered a material breach and may result in the cancellation of the purchase order at the TIPS Member’s discretion. Awarded vendor must identify any additional costs associated with compliance of this term. If no costs are specified, compliance with this term will be provided at no additional charge. Safety measures: Awarded vendor shall take all reasonable precautions for the safety of employees on the worksite, and shall erect and properly maintain all necessary safeguards for protection of workers and the public. Awarded vendor shall post warning signs against all hazards created by the operation and work in progress. Proper precautions shall be taken pursuant to state law and standard practices to protect workers, general public and existing structures from injury or damage. Smoking Persons working under Agreement shall adhere to the TIPS Member’s or local smoking statutes, codes or policies. Marketing Awarded vendor agrees to allow TIPS to use their name and logo within TIPS website, marketing materials and advertisement subject to any reasonable restrictions provided to TIPS in the Proposal to the Solicitation. The Vendor may submit an acceptable use directive for Vendor’s names and logos whit which TIPS agrees to comply. Any use of TIPS name and logo or any form of publicity, inclusive of press release, regarding this Agreement by awarded vendor must have prior approval from TIPS which will not be unreasonably withheld. Request may be made by email to TIPS@TIPS−XXX.XXX .


  • Preparation of Agreement The parties acknowledge that they have sought and obtained whatever competent advice and counsel as was necessary for them to form a full and complete understanding of all rights and obligations herein and that the preparation of this Agreement has been their joint effort. The language agreed to herein expresses their mutual intent and the resulting document shall not, solely as a matter of judicial construction, be construed more severely against one of the parties than the other.

  • Preparation of Filings 2.7.1 Purchaser and Target shall co-operate with each other, and permit each other to provide comments to the extent reasonably practicable, in the preparation of any application for the Regulatory Approvals and any other orders, registrations, consents, filings, rulings, exemptions, no-action letters and approvals and the preparation of any documents reasonably deemed by either of the Parties to be necessary to discharge its respective obligations or otherwise advisable under applicable Laws in connection with the Arrangement and this Agreement as promptly as practicable hereafter.

  • Joint Preparation The preparation of this Agreement has been a joint effort of the parties and the resulting documents shall not, solely as a matter of judicial construction, be construed more severely against one of the parties than the other.