Final Plans Sample Clauses

Final Plans. No later than thirty (30) days following the approval of the Preliminary Plans, Tenant shall submit to Landlord a proposed set of Final Plans for approval by Landlord. Landlord’s approval of such proposed Final plans shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed, provided that (a) the Tenant Improvements, as set forth on such plans, comply with all applicable governmental laws, codes, rules, and regulations, and (b) such plans are sufficiently detailed to allow construction of the Tenant Improvements in a good and workmanlike manner. Landlord shall advise Tenant of Landlord’s approval or disapproval of the proposed Final Plans. If Landlord disapproves any aspect of the proposed Final Plans, Landlord shall so notify Tenant and specify how any such disapproved item may be made acceptable to Landlord. The proposed Final Plans shall then be revised and re-submitted to Landlord and Landlord and Tenant shall agree upon and sign the Final Plans as soon as reasonably practicable. The proposed Final Plans will be deemed to be complete and become the Final Plans upon execution thereof by Landlord and Tenant, and thereupon such Final Plans shall be deemed to be a part of this Lease and incorporated into this Lease by reference. Approval by Landlord of the Final Plans shall not be a representation or warranty of Landlord that such plans are adequate for any use, purpose, or condition, or that such plans comply with any applicable law or code, but shall merely be the consent of Landlord to the Final Plans. All changes in the Final Plans must receive the prior written approval of Landlord, and in the event of any such approved change, Tenant shall, upon completion of the Tenant Improvements, furnish Landlord with an accurate, reproducible “as-built” plan of the Tenant Improvements as constructed.
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Final Plans. When authorized by the CITY prepare final plans for the PROJECT based upon com- ments as agreed upon as a result of the office check review. Major items of work included in devel- opment of final plans are:
Final Plans. Tenant shall cause the Architect to prepare final working drawings, which shall be consistent with the Preliminary Plans, compatible with the design, construction and equipment of the Building, comply with all Applicable Laws, capable of logical measurement and construction, and contain all such information as may be required for obtaining all permits and other governmental approvals for the construction of the Tenant Improvements (the “Working Drawings”). As soon as is commercially reasonable after approval of the Preliminary Plans are approved by the parties as provided above, Tenant shall submit two copies of the Working Drawings to Landlord for its review and approval in its good faith discretion. Within ten (10) days after receipt of the Working Drawings, Landlord shall notify Tenant in writing that (i) Landlord approves of such Working Drawings, or (ii) Landlord disapproves of such Working Drawings, the basis for disapproval and the changes requested by Landlord. Tenant shall cause the Working Drawings to be revised and shall submit the revised Working Drawings to Landlord for its review and approval as provided in this section. The Working Drawings approved in writing by the parties shall be referred to as the “Final Plans.”
Final Plans. Landlord agrees to provide, by Landlord's designated space planner, architect and/or engineer, the following Building Standard (hereinafter defined) space plans and architectural and mechanical drawings and specifications (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Final Plans"), to be drawn for the Expansion Space on Tenant's behalf:
Final Plans. As defined in the Work Letter. -----------
Final Plans. Within three (3) days after approval by ----------- Landlord and Tenant of the preliminary budget for the Tenant Improvements, Tenant shall cause Architect to commence preparing complete plans, specifications and working drawings which incorporate and are consistent with the approved Preliminary Plans and preliminary budget, and which show in detail the intended design, construction and finishing of all portions of the Tenant Improvements
Final Plans. Landlord shall have final plans and specifications (“Final Plans”) prepared by Facility Solutions (“Landlord’s Designer”), which Final Plans shall be substantially in conformity with the Preliminary Plans. “Tenant’s Improvement Plans” shall hereinafter mean Preliminary Plans and, when prepared and approved by Landlord and Tenant, Final Plans. Preparation and approval of the Final Plans and any changes requested by Tenant thereto shall be made only in accordance with the Work Letter.
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Final Plans. Borrower shall have submitted to Lender, and Lender shall have reviewed and approved, Plans and Specifications for the applicable Project, which Plans and Specifications shall (i) be prepared by Architect and/or Engineer, and (ii) be otherwise satisfactory to Lender.
Final Plans. On or before thirty (30) days following the date of full execution of this First Amendment to Lease, Landlord shall submit to Tenant two (2) sets of Landlord’s proposed space and construction plans and specifications prepared by Landlord’s architect, for the Tenant Improvements. Within three (3) business days after receipt of Landlord’s plans and specifications Tenant shall either: (i) evidence its approval by endorsement on one (1) set of said plans and specifications (and return such signed or initialed set to Landlord); or (ii) indicate those revisions or corrections which Tenant requires and the reasons therefor; provided Landlord shall not be obligated to accept any revisions which Landlord shall reasonably determine: (A) do not conform to the standards of design, motif and decor reasonably established or adopted by Landlord for the Building; (B) would subject Landlord or the Premises to any additional cost, expense, liability, violation, fine, penalty, or forfeiture; would adversely affect the reputation, character, or nature of the Building; (C) would provide for or require any installation of work which is or might be unlawful, create an unsound or dangerous condition, adversely affect the structural soundness of the Premises or Building; (D) interfere with or abridge the use and enjoyment of any adjoining or other space in the Building, or (E) is of a special use or nature with little or no residual value (unless Tenant agrees to pay for such improvements and the removal thereof upon the expiration or earlier termination of this Lease). Landlord shall, within five (5) days thereafter, submit four (4) sets of proposed plans and specifications, as so revised or corrected, to Tenant for its approval in accordance with this paragraph, which plans will then be considered the final plans (the “Final Plans”). The Final Plans may subsequently be amended by Tenant provided that significant changes will require Landlord’s prior written approval, which approval shall be given or reasonably refused within five (5) business days after receipt of such amended plans and specifications. The parties will work cooperatively to complete the plan approval process expeditiously. 1st Amend - Diamedica CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT REQUESTED BY DIAMEDICA THERAPEUTICS INC. PURSUANT TO 17 C.F.R. SECTION 200.83 (c) Work Commencement. Construction of the Tenant Improvements shall not commence unless and until: Landlord has (a) approved the Final Plans and (b) obtained all applicab...