Board Meeting definition

Board Meeting means a meeting of the Board;
Board Meeting means any meeting of the Board, as convened from time to time and any adjournment thereof, in accordance with law and the provisions of these Articles.
Board Meeting means either of the following:

Examples of Board Meeting in a sentence

  • Authorize Payroll and Finance Department to issue District checks to meet expenses where necessary for payroll and to avoid interest and/or penalties before the next Board Meeting.

  • School Board Meeting shall proceed in accordance with School Board Policy.

  • The President, Members of the Board and the Executive Director will report on noteworthy events occurring since the last Board Meeting.

  • Delegations Regarding Items On the Agenda3:11.2 Any person(s) wishing to appear before the Board and speak on an item appearing on the agenda of the Board Meeting has until NOON of the day of the Board meeting to make a request to the Secretary.

  • The balance of the Public Comment speakers will be called upon at the end of the Board Meeting.

More Definitions of Board Meeting

Board Meeting means a meeting of the Board of Directors.
Board Meeting means an open meeting held by the Board pursuant to Section 5(a) of the Act in which the Board makes its decisions and determinations.
Board Meeting means a meeting of the Board, whether in person or by telephone.
Board Meeting means a gathering of a board, whether in person or by means of electronic communication, at which the board can take binding action.
Board Meeting means a meeting of the Board duly convened in accordance with the Articles;
Board Meeting. Means a meeting of the Directors of the Company.