Payroll Data Sample Clauses

Payroll Data. It is agreed that the Employer shall make available for examination and inspection by the Business Manager or Business Representative of the Union any pertinent payroll information requested by the said Business Manager or Business Representative on any employee covered by this Agreement after any complaint made in writing to the Union. The Employer agrees to certify in writing as correct the material made available to the Business Manager or Business Representative for inspection. No complaint shall be valid unless it is made within thirty (30) days after the alleged violation.
Payroll Data. In the event the Union has evi­ dence which leads it to believe that the Employer has violated provisions of this Agreement relating to rate of pay or the payment of health and welfare or pen­ sion contributions, the Employer agrees upon written request from the Union to supply the Union with payroll data regarding the claim. The Union reserves the right when there has been repeated wage violations to require that the employees be paid by the Employer through the office of the Union.
Payroll Data. Client will timely, accurately and in the manner required under this Agreement provide all data necessary for BBSI to process payroll for the Covered Employees, including but not limited to hours worked, rates of pay, payments owed, and exempt/non-exempt status. Although BBSI may, at Client’s request, consult with Client regarding exempt status requirements, Client is solely responsible for determining the exempt status of Covered Employees. Client shall be solely responsible for the verification of payroll information, including but not limited to verifying that child labor Laws have been complied with, the Covered Employees are eligible to work, and that wages, including minimum wage, overtime wages, prevailing wage rate, piece rate, meal and rest/recovery breaks, commissions, bonuses, other incentive payments, and all other wage entitlements have been correctly calculated and reported. Client agrees that Client alone possesses sufficient information to make such decisions. In order to ensure accurate calculation of fees and proper withholding and reporting of taxes, Client agrees not to pay any wages or salaries directly to Covered Employees without informing BBSI in writing in advance of such payment and obtaining BBSI’s written consent to do so. Client will not withhold or authorize the withholding of a payment of wages absent express permission from a Covered Employee and will not violate any applicable Law pertaining to deductions from wages when instructing BBSI to make deductions. In addition, Client shall be solely liable for liability under the Fair Labor Standards Act or other Law to any Covered Employee or Governmental Authority, regarding Client’s payroll, including without limitation, claims for minimum or overtime wages, prevailing wages, piece rate pay, meal and rest/recovery breaks, commissions, bonuses, other incentive payments, wage theft claims, tax claims, or other wage entitlements, whether or not such payroll has been paid through BBSI, arising out of Client's failure to properly and accurately report hours worked, exempt status, and other required payroll and tax information to BBSI or otherwise or arising from any direct payment by Client to a Covered Employee of any remuneration. Client agrees to immediately (and no later than one (1) Business Day after receipt) forward to BBSI any order or notice of garnishment, involuntary deduction, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) lien or other legal process received by Client affecting wages p...
Payroll Data. To initiate AtoB Payroll payments, you must submit, as applicable, User information, wage amounts, employee User tax and other withholding amounts, employee benefits, and all other required information (“Payroll Data”) prior to the Payroll Date cut-off times set forth in your AtoB Account. Each time you submit Payroll Data through your AtoB Account and initiate AtoB Payroll payments, you acknowledge and agree that (a) it is your sole responsibility to review the Payroll Data, (b) the Payroll Data you have submitted is accurate and complete, (c) you will immediately notify us of any incorrect or incomplete information, (d) we are not responsible for any penalties or losses you or your Users incur as a result of any incomplete or inaccurate Payroll Data you submit to us, and you waive any claim against us for such penalties or losses, (e) you may incur additional charges or fees that we or your Users may incur that result from correction of inaccurate or incomplete Payroll Data, and (f) we may refuse to act on Payroll Data or instructions you provide us in our sole discretion.

Related to Payroll Data

  • Payroll Deductions An employee shall be entitled to have deductions from her salary assigned for the purchase of Canada Savings Bonds.

  • Payroll Deduction The Association shall provide the Employee Relations Director and the City with a current statement of membership fees. Such statement of membership fees shall be amended as necessary. The City may take up to thirty (30) days to implement such changes. Effective the second complete pay period commencing after the election or request or showing described in (b) and each pay period thereafter, the Controller shall make membership fee or service fee deductions, as appropriate, from the regular periodic payroll warrant of each City employee described in (a) thereof, and each pay period thereafter, the City shall make membership fee or service fee deductions, as appropriate, from the regular payroll warrant of each such employee. Nine (9) working days following payday the City will promptly pay over to the Association all sums withheld for membership or service fees.

  • Payroll Records 6.34.1 Contractor and any Subcontractor(s) shall comply with the requirements of Labor Code Section 1776. Such compliance includes the obligation to furnish the records specified in Section 1776 directly to the Labor Commissioner in an electronic format, or other format as specified by the Commissioner, in the manner provided by Labor Code Section 1771.4.

  • Payroll Nothing in this Agreement shall limit the Company’s right to modify its payroll practices, as it deems necessary.

  • Separation Allowances (a) Where an employee resigns within 30 days after receiving notice of layoff pursuant to article 9.08(A)(a)(ii) that his or her position will be eliminated, he or she shall be entitled to a separation allowance of two (2) weeks' salary for each year of continuous service to a maximum of sixteen (16) weeks' pay, and, on production of receipts from an approved educational program, within twelve (12) months of resignation, may be reimbursed for tuition fees up to a maximum of three thousand ($3,000) dollars.