The Material definition

The Material means: all building materials provided by the contractor.
The Material means all drawings, specifications, details, technical information, schedules or other recorded
The Material. [INSERT all available passport data, quantity and any other associated, available, non-confidential DESCRIPTION of (germplasm) /DATA TRANSFERRED SUFFICIENT TO PROPERLY IDENTIFY IT]. (“Material”) Acceptance of the Material means the Recipient acknowledges that all rights to the Material, whether directly or indirectly enclosed therein as well as extracts, replications, summaries, PROGENY (selfed seed) or UNMODIFIED derivatives thereof, are the property of Provider. This Material Transfer Agreement does not imply any direct or indirect license or warranty whatsoever with regards to the Material and use thereof nor does it guarantee not to infringe on any rights or claims of third parties with regards to the Material or the Material’s suitability, novelty or safety for any purpose whatsoever. Recipient is solely responsible for their use of such Material. In consideration for Provider providing Recipient with free access to the Material and the right to utilise them for any purpose, including forward breeding, Recipient agrees to the following conditions:

Examples of The Material in a sentence

  • The Material Will Be Checked by Buyer’s Lab & the Results of the Lab will be the Sole Criteria for Acceptance of the Item.

  • The Material will be inspected by the VTI through an authorized personnel and will reject the material, if not found according to the given specification.

  • The Material placed on the Base Course or Subgrade to enhance traction, distribute concentrated wheel loads and resist abrasion and the effects of climate.

  • The Material Safety Data Sheets must be in compliance with OSHA Regulation 1910.1200, paragraph g.

  • The Material is not to be copied and/or used for any other purpose or made available to any other person without the express written consent of Broker or Seller.

  • The Material Certification must also state that the material has not been air blown or oxidized.

  • The Material is not prepared in accordance with legal requirements promoting the independence of investment research and it is not subject to any prohibition on dealing ahead of the dissemination of investment research.

  • The Material does not purport to be all-inclusive or to contain all of the information that a prospective buyer may require.

  • The Material Manufacturer routinely conducts roof surveys and inspections in order to provide recommendations and/or specifications for the use of its products.

  • The Material Certification must state that acid has not been used.

More Definitions of The Material

The Material means all drawings, specifications (including the Specifications) and information supplied or loaned by the Buyer to the Seller in connection with the Contract.
The Material means the Material described in the Order;
The Material means all the materials which the supplier is required to supply to the purchaser under the contract.
The Material means any information, data, text, graphics, links or programming code or other material published on, contained or available on the Website;
The Material means all of the information, data, text, graphics, links or computer code published on, contained or available on the Website.
The Material means all publications, research and other material supplied by Juniper Research to the Client.

Related to The Material

  • The Material/ Product means all the materials along with the accessories which the contractor is required to supply to the Bank under the Contract.

  • Input Material means any Documents or other materials, and any data or other information provided by the Client relating to the Specified Service

  • Project Material means all Material:

  • Output Material means any Documents or other materials, and any data or other information provided by the Supplier relating to the Specified Service;

  • Course Materials means any Education content provided to Customer in any media form pursuant to a Transaction Document, including without limitation, all publications, courseware, training manuals and materials, user guides, web portals, or virtual labs provided by CA or a CA subcontractor.

  • Contract Material means all material created or required to be developed or created as part of, or for the purpose of performing, the Services, including documents, equipment, information and data stored by any means.

  • Licensed Material means the artistic or literary work, database, or other material to which the Licensor applied this Public License.

  • Fissile material means the radionuclides uranium-233, uranium-235, plutonium-239, and plutonium-241, or any combination of these radionuclides. "Fissile material" means the fissile nuclides themselves, not material containing fissile nuclides. Unirradiated natural uranium and depleted uranium and natural uranium or depleted uranium, that has been irradiated in thermal reactors only, are not included in this definition. Certain exclusions from fissile material controls are provided in 10 CFR 71.15.

  • Biological Material means any material containing genetic information and capable of reproducing itself or being reproduced in a biological system;

  • Contractor Materials means Materials owned or developed prior to the provision of the Work, or developed by Contractor independently from the provision of the Work and without use of the Court Materials or Confidential Information.

  • Project Materials means any and all works of authorship, artistic, literary and other works, inventions and materials designed, created, developed, written or prepared by the Supplier (or the Supplier's Personnel) in the course of providing the Services, whether individually, collectively or jointly with the Purchaser and on whatever media;

  • Controlled technical information means technical information with military or space application that is subject to controls on the access, use, reproduction, modification, performance, display, release, disclosure, or dissemination. Controlled technical information would meet the criteria, if disseminated, for distribution statements B through F using the criteria set forth in DoD Instruction 5230.24, Distribution Statements on Technical Documents. The term does not include information that is lawfully publicly available without restrictions.

  • Byproduct material means any radioactive material (except Special Nuclear Material) yielded in, or made radioactive by, exposure to the radiation incident to the process of producing or utilizing Special Nuclear Material.

  • Promotional Material means any communication that relates to the Company or its services made to or directed at, or that relates in any way to the solicitation of a Prospective Customer or a transaction in an Existing Customer’s trading account. Promotional Material includes, but is not limited to, published written texts, training materials, advertisements, market analysis, research reports, correspondence to Existing Customers or Prospective Customers, newsletters and generally anything written that assists in the solicitation process.

  • Technical Information means technical data or computer software, as those terms are defined in the clause at DFARS 252.227-7013, Rights in Technical Data-Non Commercial Items, regardless of whether or not the clause is incorporated in this solicitation or contract. Examples of technical information include research and engineering data, engineering drawings, and associated lists, specifications, standards, process sheets, manuals, technical reports, technical orders, catalog-item identifications, data sets, studies and analyses and related information, and computer software executable code and source code.

  • Fill material means material deposited in accordance with these specifications from any of the classes specified in order to build up an earthworks construction to formation level as shown on the Drawings or as ordered by the Project Manager. The Contractor shall obtain the fill material from a source approved by the Project Manager.

  • Explosive material means any chemical compound, mixture, or device which produces a substantial instantaneous release of gas and heat spontaneously or by contact with sparks or flame.

  • GOODS / MATERIALS means any of the articles, materials, machinery, equipments, supplies, drawing, data and other property and all services including but not limited to design, delivery, installation, inspection, testing and commissioning specified or required to complete the order.

  • Licensed Information means any information concerning the Licensed Program, which is owned by the Licensor and is licensed to the Licensee together with the Licensed Program. Licensed Information includes such information as input form, user manual, interface format and input/output format and is delivered to and used by the Licensee as confidential information or proprietary property of the Licensor.

  • The Equipment/Product means all the hardware, it’s all components, associated software/firmware/operating software which the Vendor is required to supply to the Bank under the Contract.

  • Dredged material means material that is excavated or dredged from surface waters.

  • Biological Materials means certain tangible biological materials that are necessary for the effective exercise of the Patent Rights, which materials are described on Exhibit A, as well as tangible materials that are routinely produced through use of the original materials, including, for example, any progeny derived from a cell line, monoclonal antibodies produced by hybridoma cells, DNA or RNA replicated from isolated DNA or RNA, recombinant proteins produced through use of isolated DNA or RNA, and substances routinely purified from a source material included in the original materials (such as recombinant proteins isolated from a cell extract or supernatant by non-proprietary affinity purification methods). These Biological Materials shall be listed on Exhibit A, which will be periodically amended to include any additional Biological Materials that Medical School may furnish to Company.

  • Combustible material means combustible refuse, combustible waste or any other material capable of igniting;

  • Direct materials means those materials that enter directly into the end product, or that are used or consumed directly in connection with the furnishing of the end product or service.

  • Adapted Material means material subject to Copyright and Similar Rights that is derived from or based upon the Licensed Material and in which the Licensed Material is translated, altered, arranged, transformed, or otherwise modified in a manner requiring permission under the Copyright and Similar Rights held by the Licensor. For purposes of this Public License, where the Licensed Material is a musical work, performance, or sound recording, Adapted Material is always produced where the Licensed Material is synched in timed relation with a moving image.

  • Instructional material means instructional content that is provided to a public school student, regardless of its format, that includes without limitation printed or representational materials, audio-visual materials, and materials in electronic or digital format, such as materials accessible through the internet; however, Instructional material does not include academic tests or academic assessments.