Payroll Date definition

Payroll Date means, with respect to any Participant, the date on which he would otherwise be paid Compensation.
Payroll Date means the date that an Employee’s Compensation is paid to the Employee by the Employer through the payment of cash, issuance of a check, electronic funds transfer or other method.
Payroll Date means each regularly scheduled date during Participant’s employment on which base salary payments are made and after a Termination Date, each regularly scheduled date on which such payments would be made if employment continued.

Examples of Payroll Date in a sentence

  • Make sure that the correct Payroll Cycle and Payroll Date have been selected.

  • No payments (or reimbursements) that are subject to this Section 5.7 shall be made prior to the First Payroll Date.

  • Any payments that would have been made to (or on behalf of) Executive under Section 5.2 during the period between the date of termination of Executive’s employment with the Company and the First Payroll Date, but for the requirements of this Section 5.7, shall be paid to Executive in a lump sum on the First Payroll Date and, thereafter, the remaining portion of such benefits shall be paid over the remainder of the time period originally scheduled for such payments.

  • Payroll Date Frequency - Payroll date(s) for such contracts shall be once per month.

  • The payroll date will be the Friday that does not coincide with the scheduled payroll date for “Hourly Paid Positions.” First Payroll Date - The first payroll date will be the first available Friday following the position’s beginning date as identified in the individual contract.

More Definitions of Payroll Date

Payroll Date. Payroll Date" means November 1, 1999, or such later ------------ date on which Agilent Employees are first added to Agilent's U.S. payroll.
Payroll Date means each date on which a Participant is paid his Considered Compensation.
Payroll Date means a date on which the Company or a subsidiary makes a bi-weekly payment of wages to the Employee.
Payroll Date means, with respect to any
Payroll Date is defined in Section 2.8(d).
Payroll Date means each regular biweekly payroll date under the Company’s payroll system occurring during an Annual Cycle.”
Payroll Date means any date prior to the Closing Date on which Seller or its Affiliates are required to pay the TBG Employees, whether pursuant to contractual arrangements, applicable law, or otherwise consistent with past practices.