Payroll Sample Clauses

Payroll. 1. Each pay period shall consist of fourteen (14) calendar days commencing at 12:01 a.m. Saturday and ending at midnight on the second Friday following.
Payroll. A regular five week cycle of the attached schedule results in the following earned pay. 200 regular straight time hours 208 hours x 0.9% per hour of base rate continuous shift premium 84 hours x 10 % per hour night shift premium 24 hours x 1/4 Sunday premium 8 hours x 1 1/2 overtime (208 hours worked over five (5) week cycle) Payment according to hours worked in a regular schedule results in significant variation in pay from week to week. Team members of the Powerhouse have expressed an interest in receiving a standard weekly pay that approximately averages the five weeks in the period. The payroll system has been set up to pay Operating and Shift Engineers working the attached schedule the following standard pay on an automatic basis. For each four weeks of 12 hour shifts • 40 hours regular (40 hrs x base rate + COLA) • 40 hours continuous shift premium (40 hrs x 0.9% per hour of base rate premium) • 21 hours shift premium (21 hrs x 10 % per hour premium) • 6 hours Sunday premium (6 hrs x 1/4 premium) For 5th Maintenance Relief Week • 40 hours regular (base rate + COLA) • 8 hours overtime (8 hrs x 1 1/2 overtime) • 48 hours continuous shift premium (48 hrs x 0.9% per hour of base rate premium) For 6th Week Wastewater Operator • 40 hours regular (base rate + COLA) • 40 hours applicable shift premium for afternoon shift wastewater operator Exceptions to the above standard will be authorized by the supervisor and submitted to payroll on a weekly basis.
Payroll. 20.01 Any omission of one (1) shift or more on an employee's bank deposit due to an error on the part of the Hospital shall be paid to the employee within two (2) business days of the time the employee notifies the Hospital.
Payroll. 7.1 Prior to agreed Go-Live Customer is obliged to establish an active Nets agreement for Supplier to use for electronic transfer of payroll payments.
Payroll. The MSCF president shall remain on the state payroll at the regular salary and lose no benefits.
Payroll. The Contractor shall keep an accurate payroll record /showing the name, social security account, and work classification specific and straight time and overtime hours worked by each employee. A certified copy of the employee’s payroll record shall be available for inspection as specified in section 1776 of the California Labor Code.
Payroll. 1. Employees will be paid on a pay schedule as determined by the Company, with each week for payroll purposes starting on Sunday and ending on Saturday. Pay schedules and pay periods may be modified by the Company as needed or as required by technology or law. The Company will notify the Union of any changes to the payroll schedule.
Payroll. A. Pay periods are established by the University. The University will continue to pay Bargaining Unit Members on a bi-weekly basis. If the University changes to a different payroll system (i.e. pay on the 15th or 30th) the University will give the Association members at least six (6) months advance notice.