Payroll Deduction Sample Clauses

Payroll Deduction. The Association shall provide the Employee Relations Director and the City with a current statement of membership fees. Such statement of membership fees shall be amended as necessary. The City may take up to thirty (30) days to implement such changes. Effective the second complete pay period commencing after the election or request or showing described in (b) and each pay period thereafter, the Controller shall make membership fee or service fee deductions, as appropriate, from the regular periodic payroll warrant of each City employee described in (a) thereof, and each pay period thereafter, the City shall make membership fee or service fee deductions, as appropriate, from the regular payroll warrant of each such employee. Nine (9) working days following payday the City will promptly pay over to the Association all sums withheld for membership or service fees.
Payroll Deduction. The Union shall be entitled to have payroll deductions for membership dues from its members.
Payroll Deduction. A. Membership dues of OCEA members in this Representation Unit and insurance premiums for such OCEA sponsored insurance programs as may be approved by the Board of Supervisors shall be deducted by the County from the pay warrants of such members. The County shall promptly transmit the dues and insurance premiums so deducted to OCEA.
Payroll Deduction. The Board shall, upon written authorization of the employee, deduct BTU-ESP dues. The BTU-ESP shall furnish, distribute, and process authorization forms, said forms to be filed by BTU-ESP with the Payroll Department. Employees who desire to become members of the BTU-ESP shall file their authorization form with the BTU-ESP. Pursuant to such authorization, the Board shall deduct such annual sum as authorized in equal payments according to a schedule mutually agreed to by the parties from the employees regular salary check, beginning with the first pay check in the pay period following date of authorization for new members. Such authorization shall continue in effect from month to month, thereafter unless revoked by the employees in writing to the BTU-ESP and to the Payroll Department, not less than thirty (30) days prior to the next payroll cutoff date. The deductions shall be remitted not less frequently than monthly to the BTU-ESP, with a list of members and the amount deducted year-to-date. The right to such dues deduction shall be granted exclusively to the BTU-ESP and shall not be granted to any other employee organization seeking to represent employees in the bargaining unit. The BTU-ESP shall notify the Payroll Department of the amount of any change in annual dues to be deducted not later than the last workday of the month prior to the month in which such change becomes effective. The BTU- ESP agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Board, each individual Board Member and all administrators against any and all claims, costs, suits, or other forms of liability and all court costs arising out of the application of the provisions of this section. Upon appropriate written authorization from the employee, the Board shall deduct from the salary of the employee and make appropriate remittance for annuities, credit union, savings bonds, charitable donations, insurance, BTU-ESP special services programs, or any other plans or programs approved by the BTU-ESP and the Board as a part of this Agreement or additional programs approved by the Board that are not a part of this Agreement.
Payroll Deduction. Pursuant to the provisions of Section 447.303, Florida Statutes, the Board and the UFF hereby agree to the following procedure for the deduction and remittance of the UFF membership dues and other UFF deductions.
Payroll Deduction. The Employer agrees to cooperate with Minnesota Management & Budget and the Association in facilitating the deduction of the regular biweekly Association dues for those supervisors in the unit who are members of the Association and who request in writing to have their regular biweekly Association dues checked-off by payroll deduction.
Payroll Deduction. Upon written authorization by a bargaining unit member or pursuant to Paragraph 11.4, the em- ployer will deduct the appropriate amount of the dues or service fees from the bargaining unit member’s wages. The deduc- tions will be made in equal amounts from the paychecks of the bargaining unit member beginning with the first pay following receipt of the written authorization from the bargaining unit member or the Association and continuing through the last pay pe- riod in June of each year. Monies so deducted will be transmitted to the Association, or its designee, no later than twenty (20) days following each deduction.
Payroll Deduction. A. Upon receipt of written authorization from individual MBUs, the Board agrees to deduct from the salary of members of the Tucson Education Association the annual amount due and payable by the MBU as now fixed and as hereafter increased or changed as certified by the Association. The Board further agrees to promptly transmit all such monies so deducted to the Association on a bi-monthly basis.
Payroll Deduction. Upon appropriate written authorization from the bargaining unit member, the Board shall deduct from the wages of any such bargaining unit member and make appropriate remittance for MEA Financial Services programs and annuities, MESSA programs not fully Board paid, credit union, savings bond, charitable donations, TSA(s) or any other plans or programs jointly approved by the Association and the Board.
Payroll Deduction. 1. MSEA-SEIU shall have exclusive rights to payroll deduction of membership dues, premiums for current MSEA-SEIU sponsored insurance programs, and voluntary contributions to Political Action by Service Employees and Retirees (“PASER”). Deductions for other programs may be mutually agreed to by the parties.