Party Software Sample Clauses

Party Software. The Provider represents and warrants that, to its knowledge, the Software does not violate any right to the Third-Party Software.
Party Software. The Software which is distributed to you may include various third party software components or software services (“Third Party Software” and together with the Software, the “Package”) which are provided under separate license terms (the “Third Party Terms”), as may be described in more detail in the “Notices.txt” file (if applicable) included in the Documentation. You are permitted to use the Third Party Software in conjunction with the Software, provided that such use is consistent with the terms of this Agreement. You may have broader rights to use the Third Party Software under the applicable Third Party Terms. Nothing in this Agreement is intended to impose further restrictions on your use of the Third Party Software in accordance with any Third Party Terms. The Software may also enable interoperation with certain other third party operating systems and applications. Develatio does not provide you with any such third party licenses and it is solely your responsibility to obtain all necessary software licenses from respective vendors.
Party Software. The Cyberbit Range may incorporate IBM’s QRadar SIEM (“QRadar”), the use of which is subject to the terms and conditions of the specific license under which it is distributed, available for your review at xxxxx://$file/ipla_en.pdf (“IPLA”). You will defend, indemnify and hold Cyberbit harmless from and against any and all liability or claim arising from or in connection to your violation of any Third Party’s rights and/or your misuse of Third-Party’s Software and/or your breach of Third Party’s license agreement.
Party Software. The Licensed Products may contain software incorporated into the Licensed Products or provided therewith, developed, distributed and/or licensed by third parties, including open source software (Third-Party Software). Such Third- Party Software shall be licensed, and the Licensee shall use such Third-Party Software under and strictly in accordance with, the applicable terms and conditions by the respective third-party licensor. The Licensor shall use its best efforts to identify any additional Third-Party Software in the documentation of the Licensed Products. Nothing in this XXXX shall restrict, limit or otherwise affect any rights or obligations that the Licensee may have, or conditions to which Licensee may be subject, under any applicable open source licenses to any open source software which may be incorporated in and/or provided together with the Licensed Products. Intellectual Property As between the Licensor and the Licensee, the Licensor shall remain the sole owner of all rights, title and interest, in particular, all intellectual property rights, in and to the Licensed Products, subject to any Third-Party Software. Nothing in this XXXX shall operate any assignment or transfer of any intellectual property rights to the Licensee. The Licensee expressly acknowledges that any infringement of the Licensor’s intellectual property rights will cause irreparable harm to the Licensor, for which monetary damages alone would be inadequate, and that the Licensor may thus seek 6.3.
Party Software. If You Purchased a remoteTrain the Trainercourse or remote instructor or other similar service, then those are also included in the definition of Services.
Party Software. Third-Party Software provided by Centre to Customer shall be subject to the license terms and conditions of such Software. Microsoft. Microsoft Software, which is provided by Centre to Customer under a Service Provider License Agreement (a “SPLA”), has specific terms and conditions for the use of such Software. These terms and conditions are contained in Appendix A. In the event of a conflict between the terms of this Agreement and the license terms and conditions of such Third-Party Software, the license terms and conditions of the Third-Party Software shall control.
Party Software. Third-Party Software" means software commercially available from a party other than the Seller, excluding any Open Source Software licenses.
Party Software. Open source software licenses for components of the Service released under an open source license constitute separate written agreements. To the limited extent that the open source software licenses expressly supersede this Agreement, the open source licenses govern Customer’s agreement with NextRequest for the use of the components of the Service released under an open source license. For the avoidance of doubt, the owners of the open source licenses do not have access to Customer Content or Requester Content. Customer Content. As between Customer and NextRequest, Customer retains ownership of all Intellectual Property in Customer Content. Customer grants to NextRequest, its Service Providers and each of NextRequest’s respective subsidiaries, affiliates, and successors a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, fully-paid, transferable, irrevocable, perpetual, unlimited, and sub-licensable right to use, host, store, cache, reproduce, publish, publicly display, perform, distribute, transmit, translate, publicly perform, adapt, and modify Customer Content, in all media now known or later developed, for the purpose of providing, maintaining, operating, or improving the Service. NextRequest and its Service Providers may access or use Customer Content as necessary to maintain or provide the Service, comply with the law or an order of a governmental body, as permitted under Section 6 Requester Content. NextRequest and/or Requesters retain ownership of all Intellectual Property in Requester Content. NextRequest grants to Customer a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, fully-paid, non-transferrable, irrevocable, perpetual, and non- sublicensable right to use Requester Content for the Purpose. Usage Data. NextRequest retains ownership of all Intellectual Property in Usage Data, and Customer hereby unconditionally and irrevocably grants to NextRequest an assignment of all right, title and interest in and to the Usage Data, including all Intellectual Property rights relating thereto. NextRequest grants to Customer a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, fully-paid, non-transferrable, irrevocable, perpetual, and non- sublicensable right to use Usage Data for the Purpose. Transfer of Content. Customer Content may be disclosed and otherwise transferred to an acquirer, or successor or assignee as part of any merger, acquisition, debt financing, sale of company assets, or similar transaction, as well as in the event of an insolvency, bankruptcy, or receivership in wh...
Party Software. Varnish does not warrant any such third-party providers or any of their products or services and shall have no liability for any interaction between such third-party software and the Varnish Services. Any exchange of data or other interaction between Customer and a third-party provider, and any purchase by Customer of any product or service offered by such third-party provider, is solely between Customer and such third-party provider, and Varnish shall have no liability for the same. No purchase of such third-party products or services is required to use the Software or Services. Fees and Payment. • General. Customer shall pay to Varnish the fees for the Software and Services as specified on the signature page (“Fees”), which are subject to change by Varnish on thirty
Party Software. We may offer third-party software tools and products (“Third-Party Software”) that you can install on your computer. You are responsible for obtaining a valid and separate license agreement with the provider of the Third-Party Software.