Corrective Actions Sample Clauses

Corrective Actions. The Government will use its best efforts to ensure that each Covered Provider (i) takes, where necessary, appropriate and timely corrective actions in response to audits, (ii) considers whether the results of the Covered Provider’s audit necessitates adjustment of the Government’s records, and (iii) permits independent auditors to have access to its records and financial statements as necessary.
Corrective Actions. Subrecipient shall be subject to reviews and audits by the Grantee, including onsite reviews of Subrecipient as may be necessary or appropriate to meet the requirements of 42 U.S.C. 5304(e)(2). The Grantee may issue management decisions and may consider taking enforcement actions if noncompliance is detected during audits. The Grantee may require Subrecipient to take timely and appropriate action on all deficiencies pertaining to the Federal award provided to the subrecipient from the pass-through entity detected through audits, on-site reviews and other means. In response to audit deficiencies or other findings of noncompliance with this agreement, Grantee may impose additional conditions on the use of the CDBG-DR funds to ensure future compliance or provide training and technical assistance as needed to correct noncompliance.
Corrective Actions. In the event that the Contractor fails to meet contract requirements, performance requirements or reporting standards set forth in the Contract, the State will provide the Contractor with a written notice of non-compliance and may require any of the corrective actions or remedies discussed below. The State will provide written notice of non-compliance to the Contractor within sixty (60) calendar days of the State's discovery of such non-compliance. If the State elects not to exercise any Corrective Actions in a particular instance, this decision must not be construed as a waiver of the State's right to pursue future assessment of that performance requirement and associated damages, including damages that, under the terms of the Contract, may be retroactively assessed. The nature of the corrective action(s) shall depend upon the nature, severity and duration of the deficiency and repeated nature of the non-compliance. The written notice of non-compliance corrective actions may be instituted in any sequence and include, but are not limited to, any of the following:
Corrective Actions. If Buyer’s permitted use of the Licensed Technology within the Territory is materially impaired or if Supplier’s performance of the Equipment supply obligations under this Agreement or any other obligation is materially impaired by reason of such third party claim, Supplier shall use commercially reasonable efforts, at its expense, to continue its performance of the Equipment supply obligations under this Agreement or the other affected obligations, including at its own election and expense (i) to substitute an equivalent non-infringing item or process for the allegedly infringing item or process, (ii) to modify the allegedly infringing item or process so that it no longer infringes but remains functionally equivalent or better or (iii) to obtain for Buyer the right to continue using such item or process. Supplier shall, prior to proceeding with any of the foregoing actions, consult with Buyer as to the proposed action and consider in good faith any reasonable request of Buyer in respect thereof. Nothing herein constitutes a guarantee by Supplier that such efforts will succeed in avoiding the infringement claim or that Supplier will be able to replace the infringing item or process with an item or process of comparable functionality or effectiveness. If Supplier reasonably believes that an injunction against use of the Licensed Technology in the Territory may be granted against Buyer, either imminently or with the passage of time, Supplier may at its expense, and upon reasonable prior written notice to Buyer, take any of the foregoing actions in order to minimize its liability. (c)
Corrective Actions. A Letter of Caution is a corrective action used to give notice to an employee that a particular incident or action is inappropriate or impermissible. Letters of caution will not be used as a prior offense when taking a disciplinary action against an employee. However, letters of caution can be used to show that an employee was clearly on notice for a particular issue or disciplinary offense. Letters of caution will be maintained by the supervisor for no more than one (1) year. At the expiration of the one year period, the letter or caution will not be referenced in any further disciplinary action.
Corrective Actions. The goals of corrective actions are to solve the problems at hand and to eliminate or reduce the occurrence of the problems. Problems with equipment detected during equipment use, calibration, or during QA/QC activities result in actions to correct the problem (see individual instrument and parameter SOPs). Corrective actions depend upon the parameter being measured. If the problem cannot be resolved on-site, the measurement is discontinued until the problem is identified, remedied, and reliable results are obtained. For most parameters, backup equipment is available for use while the deficiency with the standard equipment is being remedied. Problems with equipment and measurements, corrective actions, and outcomes are recorded in the Water Database. Details on documenting problems, corrective actions, and outcomes, including assigning data qualifiers, in the Water Database are provided in the QMP and Water Database User Guide.
Corrective Actions. Within ten (10) days after request by Lender, each Obligor shall provide, or cause to be provided, to Lender, at such Obligor’s cost and expense, such further documentation or information reasonably deemed necessary or appropriate by Lender in the exercise of its rights under the related commitment letter among Borrower, IDOT Guarantor, and Lender or to correct patent mistakes in the Loan Documents, the Title Policy, or the funding of the Mortgage Loan. Sale of Mortgage Loan. Each Obligor shall, subject to Section 5.2(zz) below: comply with the reasonable requirements of Lender or any Investor of the Mortgage Loan or provide, or cause to be provided, to Lender or any Investor of the Mortgage Loan within ten (10) days of the request, at such Obligor’s cost and expense, such further documentation or information as Lender or Investor may reasonably require, in order to enable: Lender to sell the Mortgage Loan to such Investor; Lender to obtain a refund of any commitment fee from any such Investor; or any such Investor to further sell or securitize the Mortgage Loan; ratify and affirm in writing the representations and warranties set forth in any Loan Document as of such date specified by Lender modified as necessary to reflect changes that have occurred subsequent to the Effective Date; confirm that Borrower is not in default in paying the Indebtedness, and that no Obligor is in default in performing or observing any of the covenants or agreements contained in this Loan Agreement or any of the other Loan Documents (or, if any Obligor is in default, describing such default in reasonable detail); and execute and deliver to Lender and/or any Investor such other documentation, including any amendments, corrections, deletions, or additions to this Loan Agreement or other Loan Document(s) as is reasonably required by Lender or such Investor. Limitations on Further Acts of Obligors. Nothing in Section 5.2(xx) and Section 5.2(yy) shall require any Obligor to do any further act that has the effect of: changing the economic terms of the Mortgage Loan set forth in the related commitment letter among Borrower, IDOT Guarantor, and Lender; imposing on any Obligor or Guarantor greater personal liability under the Loan Documents than that set forth in the related commitment letter among Borrower, IDOT Guarantor, and Lender; or materially changing the rights and obligations of Borrower, IDOT Guarantor, or Guarantor under the commitment letter.
Corrective Actions. Boeing shall promptly make such recommendations to Customer that Boeing believes would result in improvement of the cruise fuel mileage performance of such Covered Aircraft based on analysis of the surveys and available data pursuant to Paragraphs 6.1 - 6.3. Boeing, Engine Manufacturer and Customer shall thereafter mutually agree on the appropriate corrective action to be taken based on any such recommendations. Corrective actions, which involve maintenance and/or refurbishment, as described in paragraph 6.2, both on-wing and off-wing, shall be performed at no cost to Boeing and/or Engine Manufacturer.