Review Process Sample Clauses

Review Process. A/E's Work Product will be reviewed by County under its applicable technical requirements and procedures, as follows:
Review Process. The Company will determine the retention rating of each employee, the members of management who will participate in retention index reviews, the retention index groups to be used, the timing, and the other mechanics and details of such reviews. The Company will instruct and periodically will reinstruct members of management participating in the process to assign retention ratings with the greatest possible care and objectivity, giving full consideration to the objectives stated in 8.2 and 8.4. Such instructions will stress that retention indexing is to be accomplished without regard to potential adjustments for Company service as provided for in 8.4(f). It is recognized that any practicable process of retention indexing cannot be completely free of error as to method used or as to resulting retention ratings, taking into account: the large numbers of employees, job classifications and SMCs, organizations and requirements involved; the fact that numerous management representatives necessarily must participate in the process; and that many of the factors which must be dealt with are intangible in nature. Managers with employees on a cross training, rotational, or other temporary assignment should contact appropriate managers to solicit input, as applicable.
Review Process. The Charter School review process will be guided by the following core
Review Process. The Charter School review process will be guided by the following core 4.3questions, and by the purposes, and School Accountability Measures found in Exhibit “A”: • Is the School’s academic quality successful as represented publicly and as described herein? • Is the School’s organizational structure; governance and financial position viable and sustainable? • Have there been any material misrepresentations made to the Authorizer or the public?
Review Process. 3.4.1 Where an employee wishes to have their salary review reconsidered they shall refer the matter to the Board of Trustees. The employee shall have the right to representation at any stage.
Review Process. 7.5.1 All material received and considered in making recommendations regarding reappointment, promotion, or tenure, at any level becomes part of the candidate's dossier. All material added to a candidate's dossier after it has been submitted for review by the Academic Unit RPT Committee shall be copied to the candidate at the time said material is added.
Review Process. A. Within thirty (30) days of a disclosure of an invention, TTO shall notify the inventor whether his/her disclosure is incomplete, with notations of the additional information required, or shall refer the disclosure to the Patent Review Committee.
Review Process. The PRC shall review the Faculty Member’s performance in his/her teaching/professional role, scholarship and service (tripartite), teaching/professional role and service (bipartite) in the academic year under review (July 1st – June 30th) and shall prepare an assessment of the Faculty Member’s performance. In the case of Sessional faculty, the PRC shall review the Faculty Member’s performance in the teaching/professional role during his/her Sessional contract.
Review Process. The performance of individual directors, the whole Board and its committees is evaluated annually. If, in the interim, there are any matters which cause you concern about your role you should discuss them with the CEO and Chair jointly as soon as you can.