Incident Management definition

Incident Management means Manx Telecom’s recording of each Incident reported by the Customer, the resulting technical support actions taken to resolve each Incident and communication of such resolution to the Customer;

Examples of Incident Management in a sentence

  • NDIS (Incident Management and Reportable Incidents) Rules 2018 s19.

  • National Incident Management SystemNIMS provides a consistent framework for incident management at all jurisdictional levels, regardless of the cause, size, or complexity of the incident.

  • Information Asset Protection EBSCO security policies provide a series of threat prevention and infrastructure management procedures, including the following: Incident Management EBSCO has an incident management approach that ensures security issues are handled accordingly.

  • An Incident Management Team (IMT) may be deployed to the local site that has been overtaxed due to the consequences of the event.

  • The RHC sends a copy of the death report to the Central Office Incident Management Program Manager (IMPM) upon completion.

More Definitions of Incident Management

Incident Management means the process utilised to Restore a Configuration Item to good operating condition through the implementation of a Workaround or Permanent Resolution.
Incident Management means the agreed procedures for providing support and incident resolution services to the Client.
Incident Management means the processing of Incidents.
Incident Management means Contractor’s process for monitoring, entering, reviewing and resolving Incident tickets and Service Requests. The objective of Incident Management is to restore functionality of the applicable Managed Application. ITSM – Information Technology Service Management JCA means Java Connector Architecture. JDBC means Java Database Connectivity. JVM means Java Virtual Machine. KPI means key performance indicator.
Incident Management means the Incident Management Service provided by Class Networks inaccordance with this Schedule to investigate an Event or Incident;