OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY. 47 22.1 Statutory Compliance 47 22.2 Occupational Health and Safety Committee 47 22.3 Unsafe Work Conditions 49 22.4 Investigation of Accidents 49 22.5 Occupational First Aid Requirements and Courses 49 22.6 Occupational Health and Safety Courses 50 22.7 Injury Pay Provisions 50 22.8 Transportation of Accident Victims 50 22.9 Working Hazards 51 22.10 Video Display Terminals 51 22.11 Safety Equipment 51 22.12 Dangerous Goods, Special Wastes and Pesticides & Harmful Substances 51 22.13 Communicable Diseases 51 22.14 Workplace Violence 51 22.15 Pollution Control 52 22.16 Working Conditions 52 22.17 Asbestos 52 22.18 Employee Safety Travelling to and from Work 52 22.19 Strain Injury Prevention 52 ARTICLE 23 - TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGE 53 23.1 Definition 53 23.2 Notice 53 23.3 Commencing Negotiations 53 23.4 Failure to Reach Agreement 53 23.5 Training Benefits 53 23.6 Transfer Arrangements 54 23.7 Severance Arrangements 54 ARTICLE 24 - CONTRACTING OUT 54 24.1 Contracting Out 54 24.2 Additional Limitation on Contracting Out 54 ARTICLE 25 - HEALTH AND WELFARE 55 25.1 Basic Medical Insurance 55 25.2 Benefit Entitlement for Part-Time Regular Employees 55 25.3 Extended Health Care Plan 55 25.4 Dental Plan 56 25.5 Group Life 56 25.6 Accidental Death and Dismemberment 56 25.7 Business Travel Accident Policy 57 25.8 WorkSafeBC Claim 57 25.9 Employment Insurance 57 25.10 Medical Examination 57 25.11 Legislative Changes 57 25.12 Employee and Family Assistance Program 57 (v) 25.13 Health and Welfare Plans 57 25.14 Designation of Spouse 58 ARTICLE 26 - WORK CLOTHING 58 26.1 Protective Clothing 58 26.2 Union Label 58 26.3 Uniforms 58 26.4 Maintenance of Clothing 58 26.5 Lockers 58
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OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY. 15.01 The Board and ETFO recognize the importance of promoting a safe and healthy environment for employees and of fulfilling their respective duties and obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its accompanying Regulations.
OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY. 34.01 The Board, the Union and its members shall comply with the provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations, as they may be amended from time to time and continue to perfect the safety measures in effect in order to prevent injury and illness.
OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY. (a) The Employer and the Union agree that they mutually desire to maintain standards of safety and health in the workplace in order to prevent accidents, injury and illness.
OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY. The Employer and the Association agree to cooperate in the promotion of safe working conditions, the prevention of accidents, the prevention of workplace injuries and the promotion of safe workplace practices. The Employer and the Association agree to adhere to the provisions of the Workers’ Compensation Act and related regulations. The Employer will ensure that the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation is readily available at each worksite for reference by all workers and will ensure that workers are aware of the onsite location where the Regulation is available for viewing.
OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY. Clause No. Title 25. Clothing and Equipment 26. Amenities
OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY. 11.1 The Employee must use his or her best endeavours to comply with the requirements of the relevant occupational health and safety legislation in the State or Territory in which the Employee is working. This includes obeying lawful instructions and complying with lawful rules, processes and procedures of the Employer and Clients of the Employer.
OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY. (a) The Employer and the Union agree that all parties, including employees, have a responsibility to provide and maintain a safe work environment and to work cooperatively to support and develop safe work practices that will not place individual employees, co-workers, the public or the City at risk.