Workplace Violence Sample Clauses

Workplace Violence. (a) It is recognized that at certain worksites or in certain work situations employees may be at risk of physical violence or verbal abuse from clients, persons in care or custody, or the public.
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Workplace Violence. The State of Maryland is committed to providing a workplace for all employees that is safe, secure and free of harassment, threats, intimidation and violence. It is the intention of the State and the Union to set forth uniform requirements for all Departmental procedures for addressing situations in the workplace involving acts of harassment or threatening or intimidating behavior, and violence in the workplace.
Workplace Violence. 19.01 (a) Violence shall be defined as any incident in which an employee is abused, threatened or assaulted during the course of their employment. The Employer and the Union agree that these incidents will not be condoned in the workplace. Any employee who believes that they have been a victim of workplace violence (including from an aggressive patient or a patient’s family member) shall report this to their immediate supervisor, who will make every reasonable effort to rectify the situation.
Workplace Violence. The Employer and the Union recognize that violence against employees is serious and requires violence prevention programs. Agencies will develop practices and procedures aimed at reducing risk of job-related violence. Agency plans shall consider OSHA guidelines for preventing workplace violence to guide development of each agency plan. Agency plans shall be reviewed with the agency Health and Safety Committee which shall be provided an opportunity for input.
Workplace Violence. 19.14.01 The Company is committed to providing employees with a safe, healthy and violence free work environment.
Workplace Violence. The Employer recognizes the potential for violence in the workplace. The Employer will take every reasonable effort to identify all potential sources of such risk to eliminate or minimize such incidents through the workplace violence and harassment prevention program. The Employer will not tolerate any type of violence within the workplace or during work-related activities. The Employer is committed to allotting whatever time, attention, authority and resources necessary to ensure a safe and health work environment for all Employees. The Employer will take every reasonable precaution to protect the Employee from physical injury in the case where domestic violence may be a risk.
Workplace Violence. (i) The Board and the Union are committed to fostering and promoting a safe environment for all students, staff, and public. The Board agrees to develop policies for dealing with workplace violence.
Workplace Violence. “workplace violence” means,
Workplace Violence. No employee shall be disciplined for refusing to work where the employee perceives that they are at risk of injury due to violence. Violence means the attempted or actual exercise by a person of any physical force so as to cause injury to a worker, and includes any threatening statement or behavior which gives the worker reasonable cause to believe they are at risk of injury. Such incidents shall be reported immediately by the employee to the appropriate administrator.
Workplace Violence. The employer is committed to employee health and safety. Workplace violence, including threats of violence by or against a County employee, will not be tolerated and should be immediately reported whether or not physical injury occurs except in the course and performance of law enforcement duties.