Improvements to Premises Sample Clauses

Improvements to Premises. Lessee is in possession of the Premises and accepts the same "as is" without any agreements, representations, understandings or obligations on the part of Landlord to perform any alterations, repairs or improvements, except as may be expressly provided otherwise in this Amendment.
Improvements to Premises. Lessee shall take the Premises in its "as-is" condition for the Extended Term except for certain Leasehold Improvements (herein so called) to the Premises which shall be completed in accordance with the specifications attached hereto as Exhibit A (the "Approved Plans"), which have been approved by both Lessor and Lessee. Lessor shall cause the Leasehold Improvements to be installed or constructed in accordance with the Approved Plans by Lessor's contractor. So long as no Event of Default (or event which with notice or lapse of time could become an Event of Default) has occurred under the Lease, Lessor agrees to provide Lessee an allowance equal to One Hundred Fifty-Three Thousand One Hundred Nineteen and No/100 Dollars ($153,119.00) (the "Improvement Allowance"), which allowance is to be used solely for completion of the Leasehold Improvements in accordance with the Approved Plans, and an additional allowance equal to Three Thousand Two Hundred and No/100 Dollars ($3,200.00) (the "Architectural Allowance"), which allowance is to be used solely for space planning and design services for the Premises. In the event that any alterations or modifications to the Premises are required in order to comply with applicable law, including, without limitation, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended, or the State of Texas equivalent laws and regulations, the cost of any such alterations or modifications shall be satisfied out of the Improvement Allowance. The cost of the Leasehold Improvements and the space planning and design fees is to be paid by Lessor out of the Improvement Allowance and the Architectural Allowance, respectively. Any completed work (labor or materials) outside the scope of the Approved Plans or the cost of which is in excess of the Improvement Allowance or the Architectural Allowance, as the case may be, shall be at Lessee's sole cost and will be billed to Lessee by Lessor and will be due and payable within ten (10) days after Lessee's receipt of an invoice therefor. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Lessee will not be liable for work outside the scope of the Approved Plans or excess costs over the amount of the Improvement Allowance or the Architectural Allowance unless Lessee has consented in writing to such work outside the scope of the Approved Plans or excess costs prior to the commencement of such work or the incurring of such excess costs. Any portion of the Improvement Allowance or the Architectural Allowance remaining upon the...
Improvements to Premises. All improvements to the Premises by Tenant, including, but not limited to, Landlord’s Work and Tenant’s Monument Sign (as defined in the Addendum to Lease) to the extent erected by Tenant, but excluding signs and other personal property specified in Section 13.01, shall become the property of Landlord upon expiration or earlier termination of this Lease; provided, however, that with respect to Construction Work undertaken by Tenant not included in Landlord’s Work, Landlord may designate by notice to Tenant, notice to be provided no later than the date of written approval by Landlord of each alteration, those “specialty alterations” which shall be removed by Tenant at the expiration or termination of this Lease, in which event Tenant shall upon the expiration or termination of this Lease promptly remove the same and repair any damage to the Premises caused by such removal. The term “specialty alterations” shall include private bathrooms, kitchen installations beyond typical office pantry type, raised floors, safes, rolling file storage systems, staircases, and the like.
Improvements to Premises. Landlord, at Landlord's sole cost and expense, shall warrant that all electrical, HVAC, and plumbing shall be in good working order. Landlord to be responsible to clean and paint the 5,408 square feet EBT space and steam clean carpet before Tenant occupies the space. Landlord shall also paint the entire 5,387 square feet at $0.30 per square foot up to $1,600. Landlord, at Landlord's sole cost and expense, shall provide new carpet to all existing carpeted areas, including common area hallway to rear entrance, and paint the entire 13,891 square feet of existing rented space, and install new VCT floor tiles as needed in laboratory areas to restore major obvious cracked or missing tiles. If Tenant, at any time or times during the term of the Lease, shall desire to make any alterations or improvements on the Premises, or any part or parts thereof, the same shall be constructed without cost or expense to Landlord (subject to Paragraph 11 below), in accordance with the requirements of all laws, ordinances, codes, orders, rules and regulations of all governmental authorities having jurisdiction over the Premises. In particular, Tenant shall have the right to modify the building interiors. Should any modifications require a building permit, such work shall be done by a licensed contractor.
Improvements to Premises. Landlord shall improve the Premises by the construction of an approximately fifteen thousand (15,000) square foot building. Tenant shall cause the construction of the building, as construction manager for Landlord, in strict conformity with the terms and provisions of the Purchase and Assignment Agreement. The building to be constructed shall at all times be deemed to be part of the Premises and shall be subject to all terms and conditions of this Lease. The building shall at all times be the property of Landlord subject to the Tenant's rights under this Lease.
Improvements to Premises. Tenant agrees that Landlord shall have no obligation to make any leasehold improvements to the Premises in connection with this Amendment except as provided in Paragraph 2 above. Tenant agrees to submit all plans and specifications for its leasehold improvements (the Improvements) in the Premises to Landlord for Landlords written approval. No work shall be commenced with respect to the Improvements until Landlord has approved plans and specifications therefor. Landlord agrees that it will not unreasonably withhold or delay its approval of any plans or specifications for the Improvements. The approved plans and specifications for the Improvements, including all changes required by Landlord, shall be referred to herein as the Approved Plans. All work with respect to the Improvements shall (a) be performed substantially in accordance with the Approved Plans; (b) be performed in such a manner as to maintain harmonious labor relations and not to interfere with or delay any other work and activities being carried on by Landlord, any of Landlords contractors, and other tenants; (c) be designed, performed, and completed in strict compliance with the Lease and with all building standards and regulations established by Landlord; (d) be completed by contractors and subcontractors approved by Landlord (which approval will not be unreasonably withheld or delayed so long as such contractors and subcontractors are licensed and bonded in the state in which the Premises are located and meet all of Landlords insurance requirements); (e) be coordinated by all contractors and subcontractors engaged by Tenant so as to insure timely completion thereof; (f) be coordinated with Landlord with respect to the movement of equipment and materials; (g) not adversely affect the structure or safety of the Building; (h) comply with all building, safety, fire, plumbing, electrical, and other codes and governmental and insurance requirements; (i) not result in any usage in excess of services provided by Landlord under the Lease for the Premises, including water, electricity, gas, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (either during or after such work), unless prior written arrangements satisfactory to Landlord are made with respect thereto; and (j) be completed promptly and in a good and workmanlike manner. Landlord will charge a construction management fee in connection with the Improvements (the Additional Construction Management Fee) equal to 1.7% of the amount of the Future Improve...
Improvements to Premises. Lessee shall be responsible for all design, construction, permits and other functions necessary to complete the tenant improvements (similar to those shown on Exhibit C). Lessee will submit detailed plans and specifications for the work to Lessor for approval or revision. No unapproved work shall be done. Lessor shall contribute up to a maximum of $20,000.00 toward the total cost of tenant improvements at the time of completion of construction of all tenant approved improvements. This contribution will be paid directly to the prime contractor performing the work and credited to the Lessees contract with it. Lessor provided, “final lien waiver” must be executed by contractor(s) and returned to Lessor prior to release of payment.
Improvements to Premises. Add to Exhibit B: SBG will be allotted $15 per square foot of the rentable square feet as Tenant improvements. Beaver Dam LLC will provide a ceiling. The ceiling will be 2x2 or 2x4 grids which will be provided above and beyond the $15 per sq. ft. Tenant improvement allowance. This ceiling will be provided at no cost to SBG. All other improvements to the space will be at the expense of SBG. The contractor chosen for improvements to premises shall be approved by Beaver Dam, LLC.
Improvements to Premises. 3.1.1 The Premises will be improved by Landlord as provided in Exhibit B to this Lease (the “Work Letter”). The Work Letter sets forth the obligations and responsibilities of Tenant and Landlord for the design and construction of Landlord’s Work (as such term is defined in the Work Letter). Except for the improvements to the Premises contemplated by the Landlord’s Work, Tenant agrees to accept the Premises and the Property in their “as is” condition.