Responsibilities of the Parties Sample Clauses

Responsibilities of the Parties. A. BellSouth will administer all data stored in the LIDB, including the data provided by <<customer_name>> pursuant to this Agreement, in the same manner as BellSouth’s data for BellSouth’s End User customers. BellSouth shall not be responsible to <<customer_name>> for any lost revenue which may result from BellSouth’s administration of the LIDB pursuant to its established practices and procedures as they exist and as they may be changed by BellSouth in its sole discretion from time to time.
Responsibilities of the Parties. The State and the Local Government agree that neither party is an agent, servant, or employee of the other party, and each party agrees it is responsible for its individual acts and deeds as well as the acts and deeds of its contractors, employees, representatives, and agents.
Responsibilities of the Parties. 10.3.1 BellSouth will administer the data provided by Image Access pursuant to this Agreement in the same manner as BellSouth administers its own data.
Responsibilities of the Parties. The Trustees and MSEA acknowledge the rights and responsibilities of the other Party and each agrees to discharge its responsibilities under this Agreement. The MSEA, its officers and representatives at all levels, and all employees are bound to observe the provisions of this Agreement. The Trustees and its officers and representatives at all levels are bound to observe the provisions of this Agreement. In addition to the responsibilities that may be provided elsewhere in this Agreement, the following shall be observed:
Responsibilities of the Parties. 5.1 Each Party is individually responsible to provide facilities within its network that are necessary for routing, transporting, measuring, and billing traffic from the other Party’s network and for delivering such traffic to the other Party’s network in the standard format compatible with AT&T-21STATE’s network as referenced in iconectiv BOC Notes on LEC Networks Practice No. SR-TSV-002275, and to terminate the traffic it receives in that standard format to the proper address on its network. The Parties are each solely responsible for participation in and compliance with national network plans, including the National Network Security Plan and the Emergency Preparedness Plan.
Responsibilities of the Parties. 6.1.1 For all traffic originated on a Party’s network including, without limitation, Switched Access Traffic, such Party shall provide CPN as defined in 47 C.F.R. § 64.1600(c) and in accordance with Section 6.1.3 below. CPN shall, at a minimum, include information in an industry recognized standard format, consistent with the requirements of the NANP containing an NPA and seven digit (NXX-XXXX) telephone number. Each Party to this Agreement will be responsible for passing on any CPN it receives from a Third Party for traffic delivered to the other Party. In addition, each Party agrees that it shall not strip, alter, modify, add, delete, change, or incorrectly assign any CPN. If either Party identifies improper, incorrect, or fraudulent use of local Exchange Services (including, but not limited to PRI, ISDN and/or Smart Trunks), or identifies stripped, altered, modified, added, deleted, changed and/or incorrectly assigned CPN, the Parties agree to cooperate with one another to investigate and take corrective action.
Responsibilities of the Parties. 13.1 For failure or undue performance of the liabilities assumed under the present agreement, the parties shall bear responsibility under the present agreement and the regulations established by the effective Georgian legislation.