The Extended Term Sample Clauses

The Extended Term. The Term of the Amended Agreement shall be extended until May 14, 2006 (the "Extended Term"), unless earlier terminated as provided in the Amended Agreement.
The Extended Term. The Term of the Lease shall be extended for a period of twelve (12) months such that the Lease shall expire on September 30, 2019 (the “New Expiration Date”). The period from October 1, 2018 (the “New Commencement Date”) through the New Expiration Date specified above shall be referred to as the “Extended Term.” Any contrary provision of the Lease notwithstanding, Tenant shall have no unilateral right to further extend the Extended Term beyond the New Expiration Date.
The Extended Term. The Expiration Date is hereby extended such that the Lease shall expire on August 31, 2022 ("New Expiration Date"). The period from May 1, 2020 through the New Expiration Date specified above, shall be referred to herein as the "Extended Term." Tenant shall not have any right to extend the Lease beyond the Extended Term.

Related to The Extended Term

  • Extended Term Unless earlier terminated as provided for in either Section 10.3 or Section 10.4, the term of this Agreement shall be automatically extended for additional terms of five (5) years each, unless either party delivers to the other party, not less than twelve (12) months nor earlier than fifteen (15) months prior to the expiration of the preceding term, written notice of such party's intention not to extend the term of this Agreement.

  • Time Extension CONTRACTOR shall provide a time extension request on completion of Task Order for delays caused by others (Permitting Agencies, COUNTY or Contract Cities, or unforeseen conditions such as inclement weather, etc.) and at no fault by CONTRACTOR, subject to approval by COUNTY. COUNTY will review the request and determine in its sole discretion whether the situation warrant a time extension at no-cost or with costs. If CONTRACTOR completes the Task Order beyond the stipulated completion date without COUNTY’s specific written approval for time extension, CONTRACTOR will be subject to liquidated damages and may be construed as non-responsive, which may affect CONTRACTOR for considerations for future Task Orders or projects.

  • Extension Term Provided that, as of both the time Tenant gives the Extension Notice (as defined below) and the first day of the Extension Term, (i) Tenant is not in default hereunder beyond all applicable notice and grace periods (if any), and (ii) the Tenant named in Article 1 above (or a Related Party Transferee) is then occupying at least seventy-five percent (75%) of the Premises for the conduct of the Permitted Uses, then Tenant may extend the Term of this Lease for the Extension Term stated in Article 1 by giving unconditional written notice (an “Extension Notice”) to Landlord at least twelve (12) months but not more than eighteen (18) months before the end of the Initial Term, time being of the essence. The Extension Notice shall be sufficient to extend the Term for the Extension Term, subject to all of the terms of this Lease except for the change in Base Rent as set forth below, and no additional writing or further action by the parties shall be required for such purpose (but upon the request of either party, the parties shall promptly execute and deliver an amendment to this Lease reflecting such extension of the Term). If Tenant fails to give the Extension Notice in strict accordance with the provisions of this Section 3.03(a), Tenant shall be deemed to have waived all rights to extend the Term of this Lease. All references in this Lease to the “Term” shall mean the Initial Term as it may be extended by the Extension Term.

  • Renewal, Extension The renewal or extension of any Letter of Credit shall, for purposes hereof, be treated in all respects the same as the issuance of a new Letter of Credit hereunder.

  • Time Extensions 2.03.1 If Contractor requests an extension of time to complete its performance, then the Director, in consultation with the CPO, may, in his or her sole discretion, extend the time so long as the extension does not exceed 90 days. The extension must be in writing but does not require amendment of this Agreement. Contractor is not entitled to damages for delay(s) regardless of the cause of the delay(s).

  • Extended Terms The Term of this Agreement may be extended by the Manager if the Resident applies in writing for an “Extension” in accordance with the Managers published policies about Term Extensions. Extensions are subject to availability. Priority will be given to Residents travelling from great distances, who demonstrate a special need, or who are enrolled in orientation or academic programs that begin early or continue beyond the Residence Term. Extensions may also be granted for any ‘Early Move-In’, ‘Late Move-Out’ or ‘Summer Residence’ programs offered by the Manager. Residents granted Extensions are subject to the fees detailed in Table 3. Any Resident found occupying a Room outside of the Term without approval from the Manager are subject to additional fees over and above those detailed in Table 3. TABLE 3: Extended Terms Start (“Move-In Day”) End (“Move-Out Day”) Fees Summer Semester 2021 N/A N/A $35.00/Day Academic Year 2021-2022 N/A N/A $35.00/Day Winter Semester 2022 N/A N/A $35.00/Day * Customized By Manager

  • Original Term The weighted average original term for the Receivables is at least 65 months.

  • Term of the Lease (1) An agreement is required for premises that are leased for a period exceeding one year. A lease without an agreement shall be deemed to last for an indefinite period. The term of a lease agreement shall not exceed 20 years. A term that exceeds 20 years shall be reduced to 20 years.

  • Lease Extension If this Lease shall not have been terminated pursuant to any provisions hereof and no Events of Default exist hereunder or under the Note Agreement, then Tenant may, at Tenant's option, extend the term of this Lease for two (2) successive additional terms of five (5) years each (each an "Extension Term," collectively the "Extension Terms") commencing on the expiration of the original term, or the immediately preceding Extension Term, as the case may be. Tenant may exercise such option by giving Landlord written notice at least six (6) months prior to the expiration of the original term or the immediately preceding Extension Term, as the case may be. Upon the giving by Tenant to Landlord of such written notice and the compliance by Tenant with the foregoing provisions of this paragraph, this Lease shall be deemed to be automatically extended upon all the covenants, agreements, terms, provisions and conditions set forth in this Lease, except that Base Rent for each such Extension Term shall be the then fair market value for the Demised Premises.

  • Renewal Term If not sooner terminated, this Agreement shall renew at the end of the Initial Term and shall thereafter continue for successive annual periods, provided such continuance is specifically approved at least annually (i) by the Fund’s Board of Trustees or (ii) by a vote of a majority of the outstanding voting securities of the relevant portfolio of the Fund, provided that in either event the continuance is also approved by the majority of the Trustees of the Fund who are not interested persons (as defined in the 0000 Xxx) of any party to this Agreement by vote cast in person at a meeting called for the purpose of voting on such approval. If a plan under Rule 12b-1 of the 1940 Act is in effect, continuance of the plan and this Agreement must be approved at least annually by a majority of the Trustees of the Fund who are not interested persons (as defined in the 0000 Xxx) and have no financial interest in the operation of such plan or in any agreements related to such plan, cast in person at a meeting called for the purpose of voting on such approval.