The Specifications definition

The Specifications means the specifications of the Works to be performed by the Contractor in conformity with those specified in the Technical Specifications of Volume II and all other related documents in the Bidding Documents, and modifications thereof or additions thereto as may from time to time be made and approved in writing by the Board through the Consultant in case prior to the Contract and agreed upon by both the Board and the Contractor after the Contract.
The Specifications means the specifications of medicines, the offered items should be consistent with the specifications.
The Specifications means the specifications annexed to or issued herewith, and shall include the schedule and drawings attached hereto as well as the samples and patterns if any.

Examples of The Specifications in a sentence

  • The Specifications and Guidelines (including all future changes) are incorporated by reference into this Agreement.

  • The Specifications Note document is for the use by the bidders to reference the new numbers to the past numbers used for bidding purposes on previous Department contracts.

  • The "Specifications for Structural Concrete for Buildings" ACI 301 shall govern work under this section to the same extent as if written herein full.

  • Specification Content: The Specifications use certain conventions for the style of language and the intended meaning of certain terms, words, and phrases when used in particular situations.

  • The Specifications should require that all materials, plant, and other supplies to be permanently incorporated in the Works be new, unused, of the most recent or current models, and incorporating all recent improvements in design and materials unless provided otherwise in the Contract.

More Definitions of The Specifications

The Specifications means One Call's performance standards and specifications, which shall be delivered by One Call to the Industry Member along with this Agreement; and
The Specifications means those portions of the Contract Documents consisting of written technical descriptions of materials, equipment, construction methods, standards and workmanship as applied to the Work and certain administrative details applicable thereto. They may include, but not necessarily be limited to:
The Specifications means the specifications of the items quoted.
The Specifications means those documents located in the Project Manual and are that portion of the Contract Documents consisting of the written requirements for materials, equipment, construction systems, standards and workmanship for the Work, and performance of related services. Where there is a discrepancy between the Drawings and the Specifications, the Specifications will take precedence. Such discrepancies shall be brought to the attention of the Consultant before execution of any work related to the discrepancies.
The Specifications means all sections included in this document including the form of tender, instructions to tenderers, general conditions of contract, plans and technical specifications contained herein and on the plans and all supplementary specifications issued for a particular tender.
The Specifications the specifications set out in paragraph 1 of Exhibit A;
The Specifications means the specifications of Auto Disable Syringes, the offered items should be consistent with the specifications.