Lessor and Lessee Sample Clauses

Lessor and Lessee. Whenever under the provisions of this Lease the approval of the Lessor or the Lessee is required, or the Lessor or the Lessee is required to take some action at the request of the other, such approval or such request shall be given for the Lessor by a Lessor Representative and for the Lessee by a Lessee Representative, and any party hereto shall be authorized to rely upon any such approval or request.
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Lessor and Lessee. If "LESSEE' or LESSOR and LESSEE" is checked above, LESSEE's obligation and schedule for payment of all or part of the real estate taxes and assessments shall be as follows: LESSEE shall be responsible for only his pro rata share of any increases in real property taxes assessed for 1995 on the property at 0000 XX 00xx.
Lessor and Lessee acknowledge and agree that no realtor, broker or agent of any kind is a party to this Lease for any purpose including fee or commission rights as to any rent or additional rent to be paid hereunder. Lessor and Lessee each covenant and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the other party hereto from the payment of all commissions, claims and related expenses in connection with any realtor, broker or agent engaged by the indemnifying party, or through which indemnifying party any such claim may be made or asserted, in connection with the negotiating and procuring of this Lease.
Lessor and Lessee certify to the Lenders as follows: (a) a true and correct copy of the Lease has been delivered to Beneficiary, and the Lease is presently in full force and effect and unmodified or unchanged; (b) the term shall commence or did commence on ___________, and full rental will then accrue or is now accruing thereunder; (c) all conditions required under the Lease to have been satisfied as of the date hereof have been satisfied; (d) no rent under the Lease has been paid more than thirty (30) days in advance of its due date; (e) the amount of lease deposit paid or to be paid under the terms of the Lease is $______________; (f) neither Beneficiary nor the Lenders shall have any liability or responsibility for the application or return of any security deposit of Lessee; (g) no default exists under the Lease; (h) Lessee, as of the date hereof, has no charge, lien or claim of offset under the Lease or otherwise, against rents or other charges due or to become due thereunder; (i) Lessee has not received notice of any assignment, mortgage or pledge of Lessor's interest in the Lease or any rents or other amounts payable thereunder; (j) the Lease constitutes the entire rental agreement between the parties; (k) the only persons, or corporations in possession of the Leased Premises or having any right to the possession or use of the Leased Premises (other than the record owner or holders of recorded easements) are those holding under the Lease; (l) Lessee has no right or interest in or under any contract, option or agreement involving the sale or transfer of the Leased Premises; and (m) as of the date hereof, Lessee has not assigned the Lease or sublet the Leased Premises.
Lessor and Lessee acknowledge and agree that the status of the Airframe and the Engines on the Delivery Date are as set forth in Schedule 1 hereto, that the Aircraft, together with the Aircraft Documents described on Schedule 2 hereto, are delivered by Lessor to Lessee in accordance with the Lease on the date of this Certificate and that the Aircraft and Aircraft Documents have been technically accepted by Lessee in accordance with the provisions of the Lease. INWITNESS WHEREOF, Lessor and Lessee have caused this Certificate to be duly executed as of this day of , 1999. LESSOR, FIRST SECURITY BANK, N.A., not in its individual capacity but solely as owner trustee By:__________________________ Name:________________________ Its:_________________________ LESSEE, FRONTIER AIRLINES, INC. By:__________________________ Name:________________________ Its:_________________________ SCHEDULE 1 TO CERTIFICATE AS TO STATUS OF AIRCRAFT Aircraft Status on The Delivery Date Airframe Heaviest Check ("C7" Check or Equivalent): Interval: _____ Hrs. (____ months) Time Remaining: _________ Hrs. Airframe "C" Check (or Equivalent): Interval: ______ Hrs. Time Remaining: ______ Hrs.
Lessor and Lessee acknowledge that during the term of the Lease, Lessee may require an expansion of the demised premises to accommodate a growth of Lessee's future business operations. In such event, Lessee may request that Lessor construct an addition to the demised premises to the extent permitted by applicable zoning and other laws and regulations and assuming that Lessor can obtain acceptable financing for the cost of such addition. Lessor and Lessee shall meet and discuss in good faith the feasibility of Lessor's constructing the addition to the demised premises and the rent and other charges to be paid by Lessee in connection therewith.
Lessor and Lessee. (a) Lessor: SHEPHERD TURK INC. c/o Sharp & Associates, Inc. (b) Lessor's Address: 0000 Xxxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxxx 000 Xxxxxxx, Xxxxx 00000
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Lessor and Lessee shall each obtain from, keep in force during the Lease Term with, and pay all premiums due to, an insurer(s) holding a A.M. Best Rating of B+ or higher, Standard Commercial General Liability Insurance. The limits of liability of such insurance shall be in an amount not less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) per occurrence, Personal Injury including death and One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) per occurrence, Property Damage Liability or One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) combined single limit for Personal Injury and property Damage Liability.
Lessor and Lessee. The relationship of Landlord and Tenant shall be that of lessor and lessee, and nothing contained in this Lease shall be construed to create a partnership or joint venture between them or their successors in interest.
Lessor and Lessee mutually agree to give notice to the other party immediately upon either party's acquiring knowledge of the presence of any Hazardous Materials on the property or of any Hazardous Materials Contamination with a full description thereof. Lessee agrees to promptly comply with any Governmental Requirements requiring the removal, treatment or disposal of such Hazardous Materials or Hazardous Materials Contamination and provide the other party with satisfactory evidence of such compliance and to provide Lessor, within thirty (30) days after demand by Lessor, with a bond, letter of credit or similar financial assurance evidencing to Lessor's satisfaction that the necessary funds are available to pay the cost of removing, treating and disposing of such Hazardous Materials or Hazardous Materials Contamination and discharging any assessments which may be established on the property as a result thereof. Indemnification
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