Landlord Improvements Sample Clauses

Landlord Improvements. If construction to the Premises is to be performed by Landlord prior to or during Tenant's occupancy, Landlord will complete the construction of the improvements to the Premises in accordance with plans and specifications agreed to by Landlord and Tenant, which plans and specifications are made a part of this Lease by reference. Within seven (7) days of receipt of plans and specifications, Tenant shall execute a copy of the plans and specifications and, if applicable, change orders setting forth the amount of any costs to be borne by Tenant. In the event Tenant fails to execute the plans and specifications and change order within the seven (7) day period, Landlord may, at its sole option, declare this Lease canceled or notify Tenant that the Base Rent shall commence on the completion date even though the improvements to be constructed by Landlord may not be complete. Any changes or modifications to the approved plans and specifications shall be made and accepted by written change order or agreement signed by Landlord or Building Manager and Tenant and shall constitute an amendment to this Lease.
Landlord Improvements. Landlord, at its sole cost and expense, has designed and constructed the Building as reflected in the Landlord Improvements. As of the date of delivery of the Premises to the Tenant, Landlord represents that the Landlord Improvements have been substantially completed in substantial accordance with that Schedule and otherwise in a workmanlike manner and in substantial compliance with all applicable building, fire, health, and sanitary codes and regulations and other applicable laws.
Landlord Improvements. Landlord shall substantially complete the Landlord Improvements prior to Tenant’s taking occupancy of the Expansion Space. Landlord shall use commercially reasonable efforts to complete the Landlord Improvements by May 1, 2014. “Substantial Completion” shall mean the Landlord Improvements have been constructed in material accordance with the above referenced drawing, save and except for minor “punch list” items such that Tenant can occupy the Expansion Space and conduct its business, Landlord has obtained all approvals from the applicable governmental authorities for the legal occupancy of the Expansion Space and Landlord has delivered possession of the Expansion Space to Tenant in the required condition, which date is currently anticipated to be May 1, 2014. Upon Substantial Completion, Landlord shall deliver possession of the Expansion Space to Tenant in good, vacant, broom clean condition, with all building systems in good working order and the roof water-tight, and in compliance with all laws applicable to Landlord or Tenant. In the event that construction of the Landlord Improvements is not substantially completed by May 1, 2014, then the Expansion Space Commencement Date shall be automatically amended to be that date the Expansion Space is delivered to Tenant with the Landlord Improvements substantially complete. Upon Substantial Completion of the Landlord Improvements, Landlord shall give Tenant (i) written notice (“Notice of Completion”) that the Expansion Space are ready for occupancy. Within seven (7) days following Landlord’s giving of the Notice of Completion, Landlord and Tenant shall meet at a mutually convenient time to perform a walk-through of the Expansion Space to inspect the Landlord Improvements and to prepare a punch list of minor items needing correction and Landlord shall promptly cause such items to be corrected.
Landlord Improvements. Landlord, at its expense, shall make improvements to the Premises in accord with Exhibit D ("Landlord Improvements"). The --------- Landlord Improvements shall be completed in a good and workmanlike manner and comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations of governmental authorities.
Landlord Improvements. Landlord, at Landlord's own cost, shall furnish, install and otherwise provide and be responsible for all "Landlord Improvements" identified on Exhibit "F", and Landlord shall perform, observe and complete its obligations with respect to Landlord Improvements, all within the time periods therefor and all as more completely set forth herein and in Exhibit "F".
Landlord Improvements. Landlord will complete construction of the improvements to the Premises in accordance with the architectural plans and specifications attached hereto as EXHIBITS C and D. Any changes or modifications to the said plans and specifications shall be accomplished by written change order executed by both Landlord and Tenant. In the event the net cost of all approved change orders (i.e., change orders which create savings will be applied against change orders which increase costs) exceeds $10,000.00, the Tenant shall: i) reimburse Landlord in equal monthly installments on the first day of each month during the initial five (5) year term in an amount necessary to fully amortize such excess cost together with interest at a rate of nine and one-half percent (9.5%); or ii) within ten (10) days after receipt of Landlord's invoice, reimburse Landlord for such excess cost. For the purposes of this provision, cost shall mean the sum Landlord is actually required to pay its contractor for any particular change order.
Landlord Improvements. Landlord will construct a laboratory build-out for the Premises ("Landlord Improvements") pursuant to plans submitted by Landlord to Tenant and reasonably approved by Tenant ("Plans"), which shall be consistent with the floor plan attached hereto as Exhibit "C." The Plans generally shall provide for the Landlord Improvements to be constructed in order to accommodate generally accepted generic biotechnical laboratory uses, except as Landlord may otherwise agree. Unless otherwise determined by Landlord, the Tenant Improvements shall include the construction of an energy efficient electronically controlled central HV/AC plant. Within five (5) days after the Effective Date, Tenant shall provide to Landlord for Landlord's review and approval the following: (i) a proposed detailed list of equipment for the Premises, with the make, model, and specifications, and (ii) a detailed chemical inventory, with all codes and classifications. Tenant shall provide to Landlord such other information as Landlord may reasonably request for construction of the Landlord Improvements within five (5) days after written request therefor. Tenant shall provide written notice of its disapproval of the Plans within five (5) days after the Plans have been submitted detailing its precise reasons for disapproval. The failure of Tenant to disapprove the Plans in writing within a five (5) day period shall be conclusively deemed Tenant's approval of the Plans. Landlord shall have its architect revise the Plans to remedy any reasonable objections of Tenant, and Tenant shall have an additional five (5) day period to review the revised Plans to reasonably determine if such objections were satisfied; provided, however, Tenant shall make no new objections to the Plans. If there are any reasonable objections not addressed by revised Plans, the review procedure shall be repeated until all Tenant's objections are reasonably satisfied. If Tenant has not fully approved the Plans within sixty (60) days after the date such plans were first submitted to Tenant hereunder, Landlord at its sole election may terminate this Lease. Tenant shall timely sign and submit to Landlord a Certificate of Approval of Tenant Improvement Plans in the form as shown in Exhibit "F" attached to this Lease and incorporated herein by this reference ("Certificate"). In the case where Tenant is deemed to have approved the Plans on account of Tenant's failure to timely respond following the delivery of the Plans, such approval sha...
Landlord Improvements. Except as specifically set forth herein, Landlord shall not be obligated to construct or install any improvements or facilities of any kind in the Premises, and Tenant shall accept the Premises in its currently-existing, "as-is" condition. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Landlord hereby agrees, at Landlord's sole cost and expense, to (i) re-carpet the interior floors of the entire Premises, (ii) clean the VCT tile in the lab area of the Premises, and (iii) apply touch-up paint to the painted surfaces of the interior walls of the Premises to the extent necessary in Landlord’s reasonable discretion (collectively, the "Tenant Improvements"). All such Tenant Improvements shall be completed to Landlord's "Building standard" condition, using Building standard methods, materials and procedures, in "Building standard" color or colors (if applicable) to be designated by Landlord. Tenant shall make no changes or modifications to the Tenant Improvements without the prior written consent of Landlord, which consent may be withheld in Landlord's sole discretion. The Premises shall be deemed "Ready for Occupancy" upon the substantial completion of construction of the Tenant Improvements with the exception of any punch list items and any tenant fixtures, work-stations, built-in furniture, or equipment to be installed by Tenant. In the event that the acts or omissions of Tenant or its agents or employees shall delay the substantial completion of the Tenant Improvements, then the Lease Commencement Date shall be deemed to be the date the substantial completion of the Tenant Improvements would have occurred but for such acts or omissions of Tenant or its agents or employees. Provided that Tenant and its agents do not interfere with Landlord’s work in the Building and the Premises, Landlord shall allow Tenant access to the Premises prior to Lease Commencement Date for the purpose of Tenant installing equipment or fixtures (including Tenant's data and telephone equipment) in the Premises. Prior to Tenant's entry into the Premises as permitted by this agreement, Tenant shall submit a schedule to Landlord, for its approval, which schedule shall detail the timing and purpose of Tenant's entry and Tenant shall deliver to Landlord the policies or certificates evidencing Tenant's insurance as required under the terms this Lease.
Landlord Improvements. Landlord, prior to the Commencement Date of this Lease Agreement, at its sole cost and expense, shall complete the following items:
Landlord Improvements. (a) On the Commencement Date, Landlord will deliver the Leased Premises to Tenant in a broom clean condition, and, along with the lighting, electrical (excluding the UPS system and the diesel generator), mechanical and plumbing fixtures, plumbing systems, dock doors and HVAC servicing the Leased Premises, hot water, doors and plate-glass, will be delivered to Tenant in good condition and repair, as defined in Section 5.05 above.