Other Sample Clauses

Other. The Servicer will furnish to the Borrower, any Managing Agent and the Administrative Agent such other information, documents records or reports respecting the Transferred Loans or the condition or operations, financial or otherwise of the Servicer as the Borrower, such Managing Agent or the Administrative Agent may from time to time reasonably request in order to protect the respective interests of the Borrower, such Managing Agent, the Administrative Agent or the Secured Parties under or as contemplated by this Agreement.
Other. In no event shall any Lender or the Administrative Agent be obligated or required to return any materials furnished to it or any Financial Affiliate by the Borrowers or any of their Subsidiaries. The obligations of each Lender under this §16.4 shall supersede and replace the obligations of such Lender under any confidentiality letter in respect of this financing signed and delivered by such Lender to any Borrower prior to the date hereof and shall be binding upon any assignee of, or purchaser of any participation in, any interest in any of the Loans or Reimbursement Obligations from any Lender.
Other. (Please supply a brief description of the entity and a cross-reference to the paragraph and subparagraph under subsection (a)(1) of Rule 144A pursuant to which it qualifies. Note that registered investment companies should complete Annex 2 rather than this Annex 1.)
Other. Take, or agree in writing or otherwise to take, any of the actions described in Sections 4.1(a) through (c) above, or any action which would make any of its representations or warranties contained in this Agreement untrue or incorrect or prevent it from performing or cause it not to perform its covenants hereunder.
Other. If any Federal contract, grant or other agreement is reimbursing facilities and administrative costs by a means other than the approved rate(s) in this Agreement, the organization should (1) credit such costs to the affected programs, and (2) apply the approved rate(s) to the appropriate base to identify the proper amount of facilities and administrative costs allocable to these programs.
Other. The Agent shall have reviewed such other documents, instruments, certificates, opinions, assurances, consents and approvals as the Agent or the Agent’s Special Counsel may reasonably have requested.
Other. On each Condition Satisfaction Date, the Investor shall have received and been reasonably satisfied with such other certificates and documents as shall have been reasonably requested by the Investor in order for the Investor to confirm the Company's satisfaction of the conditions set forth in this Section 7.2, including, without limitation, a certificate executed by an executive officer of the Company and to the effect that all the conditions to such Closing shall have been satisfied as at the date of each such certificate substantially in the form annexed hereto on Exhibit A.