Access to Premises Sample Clauses

Access to Premises. From time to time as requested by Lender, at the cost and expense of Borrower, (a) Lender or its designee shall have complete access to all of Borrower's premises during normal business hours and after notice to Borrower, or at any time and without notice to Borrower if an Event of Default exists or has occurred and is continuing, for the purposes of inspecting, verifying and auditing the Collateral and all of Borrower's books and records, including, without limitation, the Records, and (b) Borrower shall promptly furnish to Lender such copies of such books and records or extracts therefrom as Lender may request, and (c) use during normal business hours such of Borrower's personnel, equipment, supplies and premises as may be reasonably necessary for the foregoing and if an Event of Default exists or has occurred and is continuing for the collection of Accounts and realization of other Collateral.
Access to Premises. Landlord shall have the right to enter the Premises without abatement of Rent at all reasonable times upon twenty-four (24) hours prior notice to Tenant (except in emergencies when no notice shall be required), (i) to supply any service to be provided by Landlord to Tenant hereunder, (ii) to show the Premises to Landlord's Mortgagee and to prospective purchasers, mortgagees and tenants, and (iii) to inspect, alter, improve or repair the Premises and any portion of the Building. For each of the purposes stated above in this Section 6.05, Landlord shall at all times have and retain a key with which to unlock all of the doors in, upon and about the Premises, excluding Tenant's vaults and safes, or special security areas (designated in advance), and Landlord shall have the right to use any and all means that Landlord may deem necessary or proper to open said doors in an emergency, in order to obtain entry to any portion of the Premises. Landlord and its agents and representatives shall have the right to enter upon the Premises for any and all of the purposes set forth in this Article and may exercise any and all of the foregoing rights without being deemed guilty of a forcible or unlawful entry into, or a detainer of, the Premises, or an eviction, actual or constructive of Tenant from the Premises, or any portion thereof, if reasonably necessary to comply with any governmental statute, ordinance or building, fire or other code.
Access to Premises. Duly authorized representatives of the Association may have access at reasonable times to those areas of the Employer's premises which are open to the general public for the purpose of investigating grievances and contract compliance. Association representatives shall not have access to nurses' lounges, nursing units or other patient care areas unless advance approval has been obtained from the Chief Operating Officer or designee. Access to the Employer's premises shall be subject to the same general rules applicable to other non-employees and shall not interfere with or disturb nurses in the performance of their work during working hours and shall not interfere with patient care or the normal operation of the hospital.
Access to Premises. Lessor shall have free access, at all times, to all xxxxx, tanks, and other equipment on the Leased Premises, including drilling xxxxx, and Xxxxxx agrees to furnish Lessor, or Xxxxxx's nominee, currently and promptly, upon written request, with full well information including cores, cuttings, samples, logs (including Schlumberger and other electrical logs), copies and results of deviation tests and directional and seismic surveys, and the results of all drill stem tests and other tests of other kind or character that may be made of xxxxx on the Leased Premises. Lessor or Xxxxxx's nominee shall be furnished with, and have free access at all times to, Xxxxxx's books and records relative to the production and sale of oil, gas or other minerals from the Leased Premises, including reports of every kind and character to local, State or Federal governmental authorities. Lessor shall have the right, at its election, to employ gaugers or install meters to gauge or measure the production of all minerals produced from the premises, and Xxxxxx agrees to prepare and deliver to Lessor or Lessor's xxxxxx or nominee duplicate run or gauge tickets for all minerals removed from the premises. Lessee shall furnish to Lessor daily drilling reports on each well drilled upon request.
Access to Premises. Tenant agrees that Landlord, its agents, employees and servants and any other person authorized by Landlord may, upon reasonable notice and without disruption of the business of Tenant (except for emergencies), enter the Premises for the purpose of inspecting and making such repairs (structural or otherwise), additions, improvements, changes or alterations to the Premises as may be required under this Lease or as Landlord may elect. Any entry into or inspection of or repairs, additions, improvements, changes or alterations to the Premises pursuant to this Article shall not constitute eviction of Tenant in whole or in part and the rent shall not xxxxx while such work is being done by reason of loss or interruption of business of Tenant or otherwise. In the event of any such repairs, additions, improvements, changes or alterations, Tenant shall, at Tenant’s sole cost and expense, remove promptly Tenant’s fixtures, equipment, inventory and other property to the extent required to enable Landlord to make such repairs, additions, improvements, changes or alterations. In the event of an emergency, no notice shall be due tenant in order for landlord to have access. Nothing in this section or lease shall preclude or prohibit the Building Inspector from acting or exercising his duties under and pursuant to the Grafton Code of Ordinances.
Access to Premises. Landlord, its agents, servants, or employees may enter the Premises at reasonable times with reasonable advance notice to Tenant (or an authorized employee of Tenant at the Premises), and at any time, upon reasonable notice to Tenant under the circumstances, in an emergency, to do the following: inspect the Premises; comply with all laws, orders, ordinances and requirements of any governmental unit or authority for which Landlord may be responsible under this Lease, if any; show the Premises to prospective lenders or purchasers and, during the ninety (90) days immediately prior to the expiration of this Lease if Tenant declines to renew for an additional term in accordance with the provisions of this Lease, to prospective tenants, but only if all such showings are accompanied by a representative of Tenant if so requested by Tenant; or post (on the Development, but not within or at the entrance of the Premises) for sale or for lease signs; provided; however, that all such entries shall be completed promptly in a good workmanlike manner so as to cause the least practical interference to Tenant’s business and Tenant’s use of the Premises. In all events, Landlord shall use commercially reasonable efforts to minimize interference with the Premises and Tenant’s business operations thereon. If Landlord’s entry materially and substantially interferes with the conduct of Tenant’s business and/or cause damage to Tenant’s property (and the entry is not needed because of Tenant’s default, negligence or willful misconduct), then in such event the rent and any sums due and payable as additional rents, shall xxxxx in proportion to the extent of the interference and Landlord shall be liable for any damage to Tenant’s property.
Access to Premises. The Union agrees that neither it, nor its officers, agents, representatives and members will engage in the solicitation of members, holding of meetings or any other Union activities on Hospital premises or on Hospital time without the prior approval of the Hospital, except as specifically provided for in this Agreement. Such approval will not be unreasonably denied. The Hospital will grant the President of the Local Union and the National Representatives of the Union entry into the facility upon proper notification. Such permission shall not be unreasonably denied.
Access to Premises. Duly authorized representatives of the Association shall be permitted at all reasonable times to enter the facilities operated by the Medical Center wherein members of the bargaining unit are employed for purposes of transacting Association business and observing conditions under which nurses are employed; provided, however, that the Association’s representative shall, upon arrival at the Medical Center, notify the Manager of Labor Relations or his/her designee of his/her presence, and that visitations other than on the day shift shall be after advance notification to the Manager of Labor Relations or his/her designee during normal office hours. Transaction of any business shall be conducted in an appropriate location subject to Medical Center rules applicable to non-employees and shall not interfere with the work of employees.
Access to Premises. The Port shall have the right to show the Premises at all reasonable times during business hours of Lessee to any prospective purchasers, tenants or mortgagees of the same, and may at any time enter upon the Premises, or any part thereof, for the purpose of ascertaining the condition of the Premises or whether Lessee is observing and performing the obligations assumed by it under this Lease, all without hindrance or molestation from the Lessee. The Port shall also have the right to enter upon the Premises for the purpose of making any necessary repairs and performing any work that may be necessary by reason of Lessee’s failure to make any such repairs or perform any such work. The above-mentioned rights of entry shall be exercisable upon request made on reasonable advance notice to Lessee (except that no notice shall be required in the event of an emergency) or an authorized employee of Lessee at the Premises, which notice may be given orally.
Access to Premises. Landlord and its representatives shall have free access to the demised premises at all reasonable times for the purpose of: (a) examining the same or to make any alterations or repairs to the demised premises that Landlord may deem necessary for its safety or preservation; (b) exhibiting the demised premises for sale or mortgage financing; (c) during the last three (3) months of the term of this Lease, for the purpose of exhibiting the demised premises and putting up the usual notice "to rent" which notice shall not be removed, obliterated or hidden by Tenant, provided, however, that any such action by Landlord shall cause as little inconvenience as reasonably practicable and such action shall not be deemed an eviction or disturbance of Tenant nor shall Tenant be allowed any abatement of rent, or damages for an injury or inconvenience occasioned thereby.