Grievance Process definition

Grievance Process means one of the processes included in the Grievance System that allows an Individual to express dissatisfaction about a behavioral health service.
Grievance Process means the grievance policy and process adopted by the Company for handling complaints in relation to Members (and audit firms), as published by the Company from time to time;
Grievance Process means the procedure for addressing enrolleesgrievances (42 CFR 438.400(b)).

Examples of Grievance Process in a sentence

  • The Title IX Sexual Harassment Grievance Process (referred to as the “grievance process” or “Process A” within this section) only applies to qualifying allegations of Title IX sexual harassment as defined in Appendix B below.

  • Supervisors who become aware of an employee’s potential need for an accommodation should contact the Human Resources Manager for advice on how to proceed.Complaints regarding disability discrimination should be reported to the Human Resources Manager and will be managed per the Grievance Process outlined above.

  • The University will conduct an anonymous Campus Climate Survey every other year to ascertain general awareness and knowledge of issues pertaining to sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and 13 This provision applies unless the exceptions under the Title IX Sexual Harassment Grievance Process apply.

  • Grievance Process for School Employees As explained above, a School employee who has experienced abusive conduct must report the incident to the School Director orally or in writing.

  • For any such delay or extension of time, the Title IX Coordinator, Superintendent or any other individual appointed to play a role in the Grievance Process will provide written notice to the parties of the delay/extension and the reason(s).Investigation [Section V.E]The Title IX Coordinator will coordinate the investigation in accordance with his or her duties as Title IX Coordinator.

More Definitions of Grievance Process

Grievance Process means the process of the University that addresses a Formal Complaint and complies with the requirements of 34 C.F.R. Section 106.45.
Grievance Process means the procedure for addressing IndividualsGrievances (42 C.F.R. § 438.400(b)). Guideline
Grievance Process means the process during which the College will investigate complaints alleged to have violated this Policy.
Grievance Process means the procedure for addressing enrolleesgrievances (42 C.F.R.
Grievance Process means the procedure for addressing EnrolleesGrievances.
Grievance Process means the process used by the College to investigate and adjudicate Formal Complaints.