Industrial Relations Sample Clauses

Industrial Relations. 4.1 The Unions agree that, provided the provisions of this Agreement are implemented, no stoppage of work shall occur.
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Industrial Relations. The Contractor shall prepare and provide to Owner within ninety (90) Days following Notice to Proceed, its policies and plans for managing industrial relations at the Stage 2 Site, for review by Owner. Such policies and plans shall cover working hours, right to work policies, working patterns, shifts, disputes procedure, welfare facilities (catering, sanitary, wet weather gear, protective clothing etc.), training, wet weather working, holidays and any other relevant matters. The Contractor shall report all disputes or potential disputes involving Contractor or Subcontractor employees to Owner Representative as soon as practicable after they occur. The Contractor will be expected to take a pro-active role in managing industrial relations among such employees at the Site.
Industrial Relations. Tenant agrees that the exercise of its rights pursuant to the provisions of this Article 9 or any other provision of this Lease shall not be done in a manner which would create any work stoppage, picketing, labor disruption, or dispute or violate Landlord’s union contracts affecting the Property and/or Complex or interfere with the business of Landlord or any Tenant or occupant of the Building. Tenant shall, immediately upon notice from Landlord, cease any activity, whether or not permitted by this Lease, giving rise to such condition. If Tenant fails to do so, Landlord, in addition to any rights available to it under this Lease and pursuant to Law, shall have the right to an ex parte injunction without notice.
Industrial Relations. (a) No trade union, staff association or any other body representing workers is recognised by any Group Company for the purposes of collective bargaining. No Group Company has received any request from a trade union for recognition within the 12 months prior to this Agreement.
Industrial Relations. Without limiting the Contractor's obligations under clause 19, in carrying out the Contractor's Activities, the Contractor must: assume sole responsibility for and manage all aspects of industrial relations; ensure that the rates of pay and conditions of employment specified in all relevant industrial awards and enterprise agreements and any relevant Statutory Requirements, for all employees engaged by any person, are always observed in full; keep the Contract Administrator fully and promptly informed of industrial relations problems or issues which affect or are likely to affect the carrying out of the Contractor's Activities; and comply with all other requirements of the Contract relating to industrial relations.
Industrial Relations. (a) To the extent that it is not inconsistent with the code referred to in clause 7.13, we must comply with the NSW Government Industrial Relations Management Guidelines and acknowledge that the Project constitutes a Category 1 Project as defined in those guidelines.
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Industrial Relations. Description - Negotiate, represent and administer provisions of labor agreements applicable to unions representing union employees. Expected Allocation Factors - 1) number of employees; and 2) operation and maintenance labor
Industrial Relations. A pilot scheme will be established to assess the feasibility of Joint Consultative Committees in schools to support positive industrial relations.
Industrial Relations. The Company has always considered its employees as its valuable asset and continues to invest in their excellence and development programs. The industrial relations of the Company remained cordial and peaceful.
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